Feeling Sexy When You’re Sick

It’s hard to imagine Barry White singing about getting it on when we’re bloated with ascites. Crowding out thoughts of spreading hep C while getting a little more comfortable is... well, uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean we have to give up feeling good with someone we love. It just means we find workarounds. Since we can’t use wine to feel sparky, we need other tactics. Don't worry, I'm all over it.

Here are my 10 best tips for feeling sexy when you're sick:

1. Set the mood with music

Every generation has sexy songs to help kindle the fire of love. Pick something fun. You decide whether it’s quiet jazz, rock and roll, or meaningful lyrics - have your playlist ready. If you pick a list from your teen years, it’s almost guaranteed to stir something up.

2. Straighten up the place

That stack of newspapers aren’t sexy. Neither is a dirty ashtray. Spiff the house up. Wash the sheets. Air out the blankets. Make sure you know where the remote to the stereo is.

3. Watch a movie

You can watch a romantic movie together. If that is too much of a reach, watch it alone. Pick one that makes you feel so young – like spring has been sprung.

4. Start feeling flirtatious

If you have fatigue or are feeling joint pain and stiffness, it’s not easy to make the first move. If your doctor agrees, take some turmeric for pain relief. Make yourself a stiff iced green tea. Start moving toward the shower. Yeah. Like that: with a little sway in your hips.

5. Eau De You

Pepe Le Pue was a male cartoon skunk who romanced his love even when he was stinky. That doesn’t work in real life. Get a new razor out and use fresh smelling soap. Fragrance may work for some, but it makes me sneeze. A squeaky clean smell is always safe.

6. Dress to impress... Yourself!

There. I said it. Feeling sexy does NOT come from how someone looks at you. It mostly comes from how you see yourself. Pull out some clothes and parade around. Pick the outfit that brings out that "Go, baby, go!" feeling inside you.

7. Open your heart

Let go of that old argument in your head. Forgive your honey for everything. Just for now, see them like you did in the beginning.

8. Get playful

Let your mind wander to the possibility of a little fun. Catch a bit of fantasy with your lovey and hang on to it all day. Mental foreplay can definitely jazz things up.

9. Be confident

So your hair is a little fried? So what. Maybe the sags and wrinkles stand out to you in the mirror. Turn down the lights and use a candle.

You know what to do next...
When we’re sick, it’s easy to feel less than sexy. Our body chemistry may be off. We can get into a rut. Liven things up and enjoy some intimacy with your sweetheart. No matter how you feel, you will enjoy a little fun!

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