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Feeling Homeless with Hepatitis C

Feeling Homeless with Hepatitis C

We all live in different types of housing. It doesn’t matter if it is a houses, duplex, or apartment – it’s the place you call home. I wonder if some of you were ever feeling homeless with hepatitis C. There are a lot of reasons that you may feel homeless and there are also solutions for it. Some of these situations may fit your story. See if you can find way to improve your living conditions and begin to feel more secure in your living environment. How’s your home life:

Living in Temporary Housing

Maybe there was some kind of fight between you and your family. Perhaps a friendship was strained. You’re sick with the hepatitis C virus and now you’re living in a shelter. The feelings may be overwhelming. You might feel lonely. There may be days when it seems that no one truly understands your situation. Ask a social worker to help you make a plan. Begin to look for a way to pay for your treatment. Once you clear the virus, there is a new chance for you to find independent living.

Group Home

Living in a large house or apartment where there is a shared main living area can be a bonus with you are on treatment for HCV. Letting the director know that you are sick and will be taking medication every day for several weeks can help. Ask if there is a way to get some support if you need it. Someone may be willing to help you shop for groceries. As if there is anyone who would be willing to do some extra cooking for you. Being part of a community has it’s benefits. When you are feeling better, you can help others in return.

Living with a Friend

I was living with a friend when I was diagnosed. She helped me plan a diet to reduce ascites and eat healthy protein meals. When I was hospitalized, she let me slide on my rent payments for a few months. I lost my insurance and went broke fast. I didn’t want to strain our friendship, so I made plans to move out.

Moving in with Relatives

After starting treatment, I moved in with my daughter. I had some varices bleeding and she helped monitor my health closely. It was not always easy being around the noise when I was tired. But the love and security meant a lot to me. I was able to gain strength and finish treatment. Soon, I moved out on my own again.

House Paid For

If you are living in a home that you is paid for, you must feel very secure. Your life went according to a smooth plan and it has worked. All you have to do is pay annual taxes and insurance. This is easy to do even on a limited income.

Buying a Home

Sending in that mortgage payment every month may not be that easy when you have medical bills. If you are unable to make your payment and get behind, that causes stress. Always talk with your bank or lender before you begin treatment. Let them know if you anticipate time off of work. It is better to plan ahead and ask your lender to work with you than to default on the loan.

We all want to feel like we’re at home. A safe place where we have our own things around us brings comfort. This is really true when you’re sick with cirrhosis or on treatment. If you’re feeling homeless with hepatitis C , now is a good time to assess your options for now, and in the future.

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