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Feeling Blue

Even having dealt with hepatitis C and liver disease now for 14 years, on some days, I find myself just feeling blue and sad. Recently, I was rushed to hospital for hepatic encephalopathy (HE), and it hit me hard. I realized that even though I am cured of my hep C, I still fight the symptoms of a bad liver and cirrhosis.

Wishing for normal

I have always been an upbeat girl. But this last week, I really struggled with depression and over-analyzing my life.  I began looking at other people around me when I was out in public. Seeing them run, throw footballs, wrestle and yes, even having a margarita during dinner. I found myself longing for the normal life again. Not being in pain or feeling so tired after only a half day… Wanting to get a full night’s sleep, not laying awake at 1am with insomnia.

“Why me?”

This thinking got me so sad that I spent a day crying and asking, “God, why me?”. I feel I have paid the price of hep C long enough. I began a slide down the slide of beating myself and my own worth up. I was angry; I was so mad that I wake up and must take medications, and then I go through my day and must take more. Then I must remember to take my night ones, or I will wake up in so much neuropathy pain that I end up in a hot bath at 3am trying to sooth the pain from my legs.

I lost the self-confidence in who Kim is. I then started on why I was not a good person to be with. I began to even think horrible things that my boyfriend would be better off with a healthier woman… Someone who did not depend on medication to survive her days. Someone that could go on and on in the day and not need a nap or rest. Someone who has not lost muscle tone in her body and looks amazing. It was truly a brutal week on my self-esteem.

Fighting back

As I sit here writing this, I am not fully back to a good mindset, but I am doing all I can to redirect those nasty thoughts of destruction of who Kim is. I do lots of meditations and self-care videos and do all I can to keep my focus positive and upbeat. But I am here to say that I am no superhero woman who is confident and secure in my own skin every day. I struggle just like you who are reading this. I hope by sharing my story, my insecurities, and my doubts that I can give you comfort knowing you are not alone. Sometimes, I get that negative feeling and although I do my best not to camp in this mindset, I do fall sometimes too.

That is when I lean on other stories and seek comfort, support, and understanding from those around me.  This is a situation you need help to get out of this funk. If you need to talk to your doctor about getting some sort of help temporarily, then we must do it.

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