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Fall Into Healthy Habits with Hepatitis C.

Fall Into Healthy Habits with Hepatitis C

Now that the scorching summer sun is about gone, we can enjoy fresh fall days. It is a great time to make some new habits, set goals, and get a fresh start. Here are some things to help you fall into healthy habits with the hepatitis C virus.

Healthy Habits for Hepatitis C

Clean out your closets

Begin to put away the shorts and light weight clothes and get out sweaters and jackets. The morning and evening weather is a bit cooler which can lead to…

Getting outside for exercise

Start your day with a brisk walk around the block. You won’t have the summer sun glaring down on you or the sweat trickling down your back. You can go for a few blocks or a few miles. Whether you walk or run, there is no better time than in the fall to get outside and getting stronger muscles. It also helps you by burning calories which leads to…

Start cooking more

Fall is the perfect season for cooking up one dish meals on the stove top. It might be a simple vegetable soup. You can add a little beef or chicken for seasoning. Maybe your family does a goulash with pasta. Sometimes, it’s great to clean out the fridge by putting all the leftovers in one pot. Soak some lentils or a pot of beans and let them simmer all day. Make a pan of cornbread and your house will smell delicious, which leads to…

Pick up some apples

Really pick them off the tree fresh if you can! This great fall fruit is good for snacking. The old saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away could have some truth. With many health benefits, this fruit is always welcome to help your healthy liver diet. If you dice them into a pan and add a little cinnamon and coves, you have a perfectly healthy dish. Cinnamon is known for it’s properties that help regulate blood sugar. You can make this dish for when company drops by which leads to…

Invite someone over

Enjoy a nice friendly outdoor gathering. The mosquitos won’t bite and bother your skin rash from hepatitis or cirrhosis. You may have the energy to sweep off the porch and gather up some lawn chairs, which can lead to…

Having a bonfire

Some home made chili will be great over some low sodium hot dogs. S’mores are always a great hit and you can indulge in one. Being surrounded by family and friends is the most healing place you can be. If the football game comes on, maybe some friendly rivalry will be a reminder that…

Just like nature, life comes in seasons. The golden afternoon and evenings are a beautiful reminder time of year. The weather is perfect. As the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, it seems like all of nature is celebrating the long rest that winter will bring.

Fall into the new healthy habits that this season brings to you. If you’ve felt the exhaustion of treatment, or worn yourself out in the heat, now is your time. Fall is a wonderful change of seasons that will help your body to heal.

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