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Facing A Hep C Diagnosis

Recently, I was contacted by a lady who just got the results back that indeed, she had hepatitis C. Her email was desperate. With each word she wrote, I could feel the panic and fear. I will not lie, that first initial reaction of being told you are positive for hepatitis C is devastating. I too experienced great depression, fear, and anxiety. I became isolated within my own thoughts, fearing other people might find out about my health condition.

Fear, anger, and shock are all normal

These reactions are not unexpected, and it is not abnormal for one facing this diagnosis. In fact, during this time of being newly diagnosed, your life seems to feel like it is out of control. You become overwhelmed, stressed, emotional, and life as you know seems to just stop.  You will feel lost and have no idea where to begin and what to do next. You also are fearing death and what will be next.

If you are in the place right reading this, I want you to sit down and take a deep breath. I, personally, did not have anyone who had been through this help guide me.  So, this for me is healing, as I will try my best to offer to you reading this what I wished I had been able to read just been diagnosed and feeling alone.

Finding support

It is important to find someone who has been through this and one you feel connected to in similar fashion. To be able to be connected to a person who was there right where you are in this very moment. I am not here to say that I can be that for every person reading this, and to be honest, there are now many many advocates out there who inspire through their writing; Their stories who you can be inspired by and helped by reading their stories. Each of us has a different story to tell.

When things are going crazy in thought, sit down and read this over and over. Let it sink in…

  1. Hep C is no longer a death sentence.
  2. You are NOT alone facing this diagnosis.
  3. Educate yourself and learn all you can about hep C.
  4. Get a good team of doctors to help you fight this. Find doctors that you feel comfortable with and can trust.
  5. Confide in someone close to you for support.
  6. Join support groups like these on Facebook or through your local medical facility. There are many nowadays, even offering support group nights.
  7. Keep your outlook POSITIVE. First place to lose the battle is in your own mind.
  8. Give yourself permission to rest.
  9. Meditate – Find calming sounds or videos offering instructed meditations if you have never meditated before. (I found this to be so comforting.)
  10. Eat a liver-friendly diet: Fruits, veggies, and lots of water. Stay away from alcohol and harsh chemicals.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions. is a great source of educational materials along with personal stories of those who have been in your position. Any of us would be more than happy to offer guidance or suggestions that helped us through.  We are not medical doctors, but we offer personal experience; In some cases, that is better than textbooks!

Stay positive and know that this time shall pass.

Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~ ©

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