Depression with Hepatitis C: Managing Triggers, Seeking Support

Everyone gets feelings of sadness that leads to depression. The trick is NOT to push that feeling down. Bring it up and face it! See if you can find some things can contribute to your low mood. Stop and take a look at what may be adding to your sadness. It may lead you toward finding ways to help you get through a tough times, like managing depression with hepatitis C, or any other crisis.

Things that can add to depression with hepatitis C

Fatigue - When you’re tired, it is so depressing. You don’t want to move from the chair or couch. Remember though, feeling sad can make you sluggish. You can get stuck in a cycle. Sleep when you can, and get up and moving as often as possible.

Loneliness - When we’re sick, it’s easy to feel isolated. How long has it been since you got a great big hug around the neck? It may sound hard to do, but get dressed and go be around people. Join a group at a community center, church, or volunteer organization. They’re usually huggers! You are lovable and need to feel that way to beat depression.

Old Stuff - Our minds can bring up past pain and regrets. In a flash, an old memory can lay us face down in depression. We have to practice pointing ourselves toward a positive thought. Have sticky notes with good quotes. Hang them up or keep them in your wallet to help bring yourself back to a strong place. Replace sad thoughts with strong ones. Don’t linger there.

Diet - You don’t want to hear this, but sugary processed foods can bring on feelings of sadness. Your sugar levels go way high and then down low because of poor liver function. It is even worse when you look to sweets to pick you up. They actually leave you feeling LOWER in the long run. Try to make healthy good choices instead.

Appearance - Some days I look in the mirror and see scraggly hair and dry eyes Ugh! I want to fall back into bed. No matter how tired you are, talk yourself into taking a bath or shower and putting on something besides sweats. Even if you’re all alone at home, clean yourself up every few days – see how good you look!

HCV - The Hepatitis C Virus makes us so sick and it hurts our whole body and mind. Everything seems out of whack and we can feel depressed. By starting treatment, you can get rid of the virus and begin to heal. Even after treatment, your body may have liver disease that can cause you to feel down sometimes.

Some depression is caused by a situation. Other times, it can be an imbalance in your body. If you're experiencing depression with hepatitis C, your doctor can help you decide if you need additional medication or counseling to help with your feelings of sadness. Dealing with depression is not a one-stop fix. We can face our feelings of depression and take some steps can give us power to move on.

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