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Difficulty Dealing with LIFE

Dealing with difficult things in your life while fighting a chronic illness or disease like hepatitis C can be hard. Let’s face it, nobody says they enjoy the hard times we face in our lives. No one is blessed to have pure joy all the time in their lives. At some point, we’re all faced with challenges.

As I have fought through my battles of hep C, I faced many head-spinning challenges that would knock me to my feet. The death of my mom, a broken marriage, the loss of friends, failed treatments, clinical trial denials, and rejection from people.  You name it, I am sure at one point or another, I faced it. However, the key here is just that – to face it.

Dealing with the challenges of hepatitis C

Running from issues that arise does not give you an escape pass to not deal with an issue or problem that comes up in your life. Many reading this today have just gotten the news they have hepatitis C.  Like all of us before you, you are sitting in fear, shock, anger, and disbelief. It happens to us all.  But, I am here to say to you that if there was any time to be diagnosed with hepatitis C, it is NOW. (I know you are yelling back at me right now, “Are you kidding me?”. But, here is why: The advancements that have come along in the last 5 years of hepatitis C treatments are beyond belief.  Those of us who fought with early treatments only dreamt of a treatment we only had to take orally, once a day, one pill. We dreamed of hep C treatment without side effects. Today, newer treatments have fewer side effects and cure rates at 98% (versus the old treatments at ~50%).

Finding the courage to start treatment

I am not here to blow smoke, but I am here to say that the longer you avoid dealing with the diagnosis of your hep C, the more damage you are causing your liver, your body, and your brain.  If there is one piece of advice I can give, it would be to pick-up those loose boot straps and get into your doctor now and start the treatment process.

Fighting for treatment

Again, many are facing road blocks to treatment, another difficult thing you must deal with head on. If you are denied being treated, you get back in that fight and you keep applying. It is a bad game insurance companies play, but it is not a game if you do not play back. If they serve you a denial letter, you apply again and again until finally they are tired of this game they started and grant you treatment. Basically, you stand up and put your face out there. Demand your right to be cured. No one can fight this for you, so don’t go wallow in self-pity about getting denied; Instead, get up and get back in the ring. It is not over.

A mindset for success

I fought and won my battle because my personality is one that if someone tells me I can’t do something, or I can’t have something, I will darn right prove them wrong. I will fight like no other, and basically, that is what I did to get my cure. I got one closed door to getting on trials after another. I would leave with my tail between my legs, but as I got in my car after getting the denial, I got that fight back in me and said to myself “Not without a FIGHT!”. This holds true now in every aspect of my life.

Get your mind set to fight and seek help from places like, and fill your fight tank up. You are worth so much than hepatitis C, so stop procrastinating and start the process to get cured. The first place anyone loses a battle is in their own mind.

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