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Eye of the Tiger with Hep C Treatment.

Eye of the Tiger with Hep C Treatment

I’ve never seen a single Rocky movie. During the violent scenes of any film, I always cover my eyes. You can call me a wimp, or consider me a sissy, but don’t ever think of me as a coward. Eye of the Tiger with hep C treatment was one of my slogans. I sang this song in my head when I felt the need to be fierce. Like when battling hepatitis C and treatment … you know, the pesky things in life. I listened to it while doing yoga just now and thought how the lyrics fit perfectly in our battle to get rid of the virus.

Rising up to the challenge – You’re face to face, out in the heat, and you’ve got to make some tough decisions. Figuring out how to do treatment for hepatitis C takes a lot of planning. You’ve got to choose when is the best time. It may involve taking off of work. You have to learn about sick leave, insurance, and medical care. Arranging to get help with kids or getting a caregiver may be part of your decision making process. Ask for advice from your doctor, family, and friends for sure. But the best thing is to listen to your own instincts about how treatment will work into your life. Make a decision, then do it. Hepatitis C is a stalker.

Keep a watch out – They stack the odds, still we take to the street. Treating for hepatitis C is like being in a boxing match for sure. It’s easy to get sucker punched. It’s important to stay sharp and keep a watch out for any symptoms that can lay you out. Pay attention to warning signs like fatigue, nausea, and other changes. By reporting them to your doctor, it could end up saving your life. Getting regular blood labs drawn helps your medical team to see how well your whole body is responding to treatment. Learn what your blood lab levels are and what it means when they are high and low.

No guts, no glory – We go the distance and we’re not going to stop. It’s just us, and our will to survive. Still standing at the end of your battle with hep C treatment means you’re the winner. While it takes a lot to rise up to the challenge of beating hepatitis C, the new drugs put the odds in your favor. The virus is a killer for sure. It destroyed countless people’s livers without any sign of stopping. Finally, the drug manufacturers have given us what we need to kill HCV. We now have the skill to survive.

Eye of the tiger – Hepatitis C can’t stalk its prey in the night any longer. We’re the ones who stand undefeated in the end. I like to think of us as having the Eye of the Tiger with hep C treatment. I still remember my glory day when I killed my rival. In May of 2012 I had completed 43 weeks of Incivik, Interferon, and Ribavirin. My viral load was 0. Still is. That is my hope for all of you. If you’re not familiar with the song, maybe you can give it a listen. It’s a great one to sing along to when you’re ready to fight hepatitis C.

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