You Can Be Hep C Smart

How much do you know about having hepatitis C? If you are like I was in the beginning, you know zero. When my doctor told me the news about having hepatitis C, I had to google it.

I learned hepatitis C was: a virus in my bloodstream, crushing my liver.

The learning curve was huge. Most of the words were hard to pronounce, making them tough to read.

The pictures on the websites scared the jeebies out of me. Yet, if you are like me, you want to become hepatitis C smart.

Starting to learn more about your diagnosis

Well, you have just started at the right place. From day one, this community was built by medical experts and patients.

Together we started writing about our personal experiences. We used whatever size words we wanted and found that the patient voice counts on this site. Luckily, we also had a lot of really smart people who knew the medical side of hepatitis C.

They took the patient smart and the medical smart and added them together. Here it is, all ready for you to learn.

Ask questions to learn more

You may have specific questions about hepatitis C. Ask them here in our forums, and you will find answers.

In addition, there are listening ears who want to know what you have to say about your experience.

Are you wondering why your doctor ordered this lab test? Did your friend tell you something about your liver health?

You can fact-check it right here on this site. Someone is always ready for you to talk, and someone is always listening.

Share your story

When it comes to your body and how to be hepatitis C smart, keep reading and stay in a peer-to-peer forum.

Also, remember, there is only one you. Your stage of liver disease is like no one else.

Your medical team will learn about you, including how long you have lived with hepatitis C. It is also important to learn about your family history and genetic factors.

All of us have had different backgrounds. Our lifestyle and habits can affect our liver health too.

It is great to exchange ideas and learn from medical experts and other people who have hepatitis C.

Remember that there is a cure. This will not always be the story of your life.

However, you will have learned how to be Hep C smart. You will come out on the other side with a lot of experience to help others. People with hepatitis C need a trusted medical provider.

Find one who will become an expert in your case. It will feel right when you start to spill out your story. It may be in a forum and also in the medical office.

Staying strong

Your medical team will help you get through treatment. Once you become hepatitis C smart, as I have, you will be strong. You will probably be so strong that you can help others with your story.

Do you have any questions about hepatitis C? Ask them below.

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