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Dreaming Big with Hepatitis C

Dreaming Big with Hepatitis C

You may be feeling like the world has become a very small space since finding out about the hepatitis C virus. All of the dreams that you had for the future suddenly seem very small too. You might even feel like your dreams no longer matter to anyone. If you continue letting those thoughts dominate your mind, your dreams might not even matter to YOU any more. It’s time for dreaming big with hepatitis C:

Dream of getting cured

It may seem like you will never get rid of the virus. That was true back in the day, but now everyone can have a chance of being free of hepatitis C. Talk to your medical provider about getting on the new drugs. The treatment time is short, and the symptoms are fairly easy to deal with. If you are denied treatment, find out why. If there is an insurance problem, think positive and dream big that you will get approved soon. Talk to everyone you can and ask for help to make your dream of being hep C-free come true.

Dream of being healthier

If your liver enzymes are off the chart, it can seem like nothing is ever going to go your way. I honestly used to look at my numbers and close my eyes and imagine that the numbers were lower. It didn’t actually happen overnight. I did begin to eat healthier to help make my dream come true. When I felt better, it gave me hope that the treatment would work for me. I was giving my body a message to hold on to my dreams of living without hepatitis C and being healthy.

Dream of living a long life

This one can be hard. When your numbers are out of whack on your lab work, you may feel the effects in your body. It’s not easy to think of living for many years when all you feel like doing is lying in the bed. Spend some of that time thinking about what it will be like when you have more energy. Picture yourself 10 years from now. What will you be doing? Who will you be spending time with? What sounds like fun to you? Give a little nudge to your future self and tell yourself you are doing all you can to help every dream come true.

Dream of being active

Moving your body can be painful some days. If you are on treatment, there can be some body aches. Even if you haven’t started treatment yet, your viral load may be causing you to be plum worn out. Try doing some arm exercises while you’re sitting in a chair. Lift your feet up and down. If you feel like it, stand up and march in place. You may end up gong for a walk. Pump your arms and feel your heart beat. By helping your body to be active in small ways, it will become stronger. Soon you will be active in bigger ways.

No matter what you are dreaming for your future, it can come true. Start by getting healthy, cured of the virus, staying active, and soon you will be moving toward your dream of living a long life. Now you can begin to make another set of dreams come true. It’s all possible if you are dreaming big with hepatitis C.

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