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Dosage of Meds with Hep C Treatment

If your doctor has talked to you about treatment recently, you’re getting close to being free from hepatitis C. One thing you should consider is the timing of meds with hep C treatment. You kind of need to plan your entire day around making sure you take them on time. In fact, it should be the center of your life for a while.

There are so many different combinations that a doctor can prescribe. The “one pill a day” is the newest and best treatment out there. If you’re fortunate enough to get that approved through insurance, you have got an easy road. Your doctor will be asking a lot of questions and running tests to decide which course of treatment is right for you.

Stage of Liver Disease – The dosage of the medication will be different if you have advanced liver cirrhosis. The length of your treatment will also be determined by how sick your liver is. You doctor can do tests to find out the best treatment dosage for your stage of liver disease.

Other Sickness – If you have heart disease or kidney disease, your doctor may want to be sure you are stable enough to take treatment medications.

How Many Times Treated – If you have been treated for hepatitis C in the past, your doctor will weigh that into his decision. There is a pharmaceutical chart that is followed based on research. Your dosage and timing is taken from that chart. Your doctor wants you to have the highest rate of success that you possible can.

Other Medications – There may be other medication used along with the one pill. For example, many of the anti-viral drugs are used with Ribavirin. The pills must both be taken at the dosage and times that your doctor prescribes. The dosage of each medication will be by the prescribed formula from the pharmaceutical charts.

Drug Interactions – If you are already taking a prescription for something else, your doctor needs to know. Some medications can interact with the hepatitis C treatment. Your treating doctor can work with your primary care team to help make the decision of how to approach any med changes. Some temporary changes may be needed. It’s worth it in the long run.

The shortest amount of time that is currently approved by the FDA is 8 weeks. Many of them go as long as 24 weeks.

Your doctor will be prescribing according to your body weight. Follow the written instructions to the T. You can usually take them with or without food. But it is important to take the right dose at the right time every time.

Your body will be getting a break from the hepatitis C virus the moment you are undetected. Keep those pills coming at the virus. Continue to pound hep C down until the last pill is taken. Don’t miss or skip a dose. That gives the virus a foothold. You will eventually get a break from the medicine doses… and when you do, you will hopefully be hep C free!

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