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My Second Home: The Doctor’s Office

Getting diagnosed with hepatitis C back in 2005, I didn’t realize the extent of doctor’s visits, testing, prescriptions, and how many times I would be poked with a needle for more blood. My surroundings became that of lab coats, sterile floors, cold sitting rooms, and old, torn-up magazines left over from years ago.  Yes, you guessed it, my second home became my doctor’s office. The nurses, doctors, and lab technicians all became my extended family. We knew each other’s families, hobbies, and quirks.

My tips for doctor’s visits

I always get a sort of “high” walking into a hospital; However, many people feel the opposite. They may get anxiety built-up having to now deal with all the appointments and just being at hospital or clinic so much. 

For those that feel irritated at the fact they have to go so much and really detest it, try this… I have found when you make something that is uncomfortable you feel like it is part of you and your daily life, it becomes second-nature. Next time you are sitting in the waiting room and another patient comes and sits next to you, greet him/her with a smile and simply say hello and strike up a nonchalant conversation about how fun it is to be here or the weather. Then, when you have the person doing blood pressure and vitals, strike up another conversation. Making your visits more personable is the key to getting through them. Eventually, the anxiety of having to go will no longer be there and a more relaxed atmosphere will take place. The person checking you in will greet you by name and the assistant will share her weekend with you. A tight knit, community-like bond with them will form.

My medical team

The last and final day of my trial was met with tears of joy and sadness. Joy because I beat hep C, but I also was sad because the family here at the trial research clinic all became so close to me. I was now realizing how special they all have become to me and my fight with hep C. I no longer wished for this to be over- shocking as it sounds, but they all became so close to me that I felt I was losing something that day.

I have since went on to do another trial there (can’t keep me away, I guess) for end-stage livers. This trial will monitor and see if livers in that poor condition can regenerate and how quickly. Although my favorite research director is no longer there, I have managed to strike up new relationships.

Keep moving forward in your liver health. Remove as much negativity as you can. Turn something uncomfortable into a pleasant and enjoyable experience. You just might be adding another person to your family circle.

Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~ ©

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