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Creature from the Deep

Creature from the Deep

Mood swings and irritability seem to go hand in hand with hep C. I know watching my mom and being around with her the last few years were sometimes a nightmare. She would go off like a light switch, angry and full of fire and a second later be laughing and joking around. It was crazy stuff I didn’t understand. I really took to heart some of the awful things said and for years, until I fully read and understood all I could about hep c, cirrhosis, did I accept and release those hurt memories.

From Caregiver to Patient

Now also being on the side of the patient who had/has hep C and ESLD (end stage liver disease) I am able to recognize when I am getting to that last nerve scenario. For myself, I choose to remove myself from people but especially my kids. I don’t want them to have the brunt of this disease and its effects. There are those times however I can’t avoid nor control these outbursts. It hurts me terribly that I am not able to fully control it.

Very early on in this disease, I sat my kids down and explained everything about anything I could find about this. I apologized in advance for future dealings with this and any outrages they may encounter. I also had them watch a very powerful documentary about hepatic encephalopathy (H.E.) or severe brain fog for easy terms. The website originally it was named wrestling the monster which I felt truly says it all.

Dealing with Symptoms on a Daily Basis

None of us enjoy having brain fog, forgetfulness, or out of body space-outs. It is debilitating and is extremely difficult to conduct a “normal” life. You can not predict from day-to-day how you will feel.

If you are having any of the symptoms I mentioned above, please let your doctor know. There is help for us suffering with this. Some medications may be given to assist the liver in doing its job of filtering out toxins from your body. Some of these medications may be: Lactulose, a very sweet thick syrup-like medication, or Xifaxan, which comes in pill form. Your doctor may prescribe some medications alone, or to be taken in combination. 

I strongly encourage you to set your family and friends down with you to watch this documentary. It helps them understand and then when an episode does happen or they see you in a spaced-out mode, they arelife-threateningo deal and manage through it.

This can be life threatening as well. Take this message serious. It is not something to ignore or feel ashamed about. It simply means your liver needs help in filtering toxins out of your body.

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