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Dealing with Hepatitis C

Once again, you are facing some issues that have affected your level of pain, energy, or interest. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, I have an admission to make, it sure does me.

Good days and bad days

Some days are better than others, and some are downright awful. There are times when it is not so bad at all, but I did give up on great days along time ago. How are you dealing with your set of issues? We all develop coping skills in life, often out of the necessity to deal with things like pain or suffering, whether physical or emotional or both. When coping, we can read books, take a course, see a doctor, take a pill, and any number of things that we do.


Masking the problem is never a good long-term solution, and compartmentalizing is similarly ineffective. I am guilty of doing both things, out of self-preservation, but that is not a bad thing- if we are aware of what it is and keep it in some kind of balance.

The truth is, how you deal with hep C or treatment depends on you mostly. We are affected by all kinds of external systems and people. Once again, it depends on how open you are with others around you. Most people will not understand what you are dealing with, but is there an opportunity for you to inform? I am not counseling you to disclose your hep C status openly; With the stigma around hep C, this can sometimes cause devastating results for you and/or your relationships.

The power of hope

Any long-term readers of mine will know that I am a strong believer in the power of hope. That does not mean that we just say the words or “talk the talk”, but we put into practice whatever hope looks like to us as individuals. For some of us, it is our faith, while others who share in no religious faith develop a different approach. Who is to say which is right or the best route for you? Not me, that is for certain. and never a role I would assume. What we believe is our own business until it becomes destructive, and that Some of us have or get comfort from things that others find silly or foolish, but that is not their role either, to be a judge of you or anyone.

You be the judge of what works for you. With an open mind and heart, you can find the best way of dealing with hepatitis C.

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