Getting Some Fresh Air!

I have found that getting away in nature has helped my anxiety, stress, depression, and pain levels. You laugh when I say pain levels dissipate when you are within elements of nature and calmness. But, there is something to be said about “nature's all-natural pain remedies”.

The fresh air you breathe in and the gentle breezes brushing your face... It is magic, I tell you!  Many of us live in fast pace, quick moving, gets it done now lives. We do not spend quality time connecting to our inner peace and self.

Hepatitis C changed my life

What I have found to be true for Kim was that my days were filled with pain and worried thoughts 24/7, multiple doctor visits throughout my month was taking a toll on my mental health. My life was and still is centered around my health. Ever since I walked out of that doctor’s office with my slip saying "You have hepatitis C", my life has been health-centered.

How I take care of my mental health

It's hard not to be totally consumed by it. However, we can't forget that we do not help our bodies at all by staying in high stress, worrying, and not getting restful sleep. We must take a break. Go for a short drive and if you need someone to take you for that drive, ask a friend or family member to do this for you. Go to a lake, a park or the middle of a county field, far away (if you can) from lots of people. I am fortunate that here in Colorado a get a way to the mountains is close by, never crowded and lots of nature trails and streams to walk and sit.

It is amazing what fresh air can do for the soul. I appreciate today as I am writing this sitting on a blanket lake side with a warm breeze and the sound of water coming to shore. I am so thankful for the days like today I can appreciate my CURE and my, and less pain. I am GOOD!

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