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Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots

Remember what fun we had in our childhood connecting the dots, and half the fun was trying to figure out what the image was before we had the dots connected. Some were easier than others as I recall. Paint by numbers was another sort of artistic/creative activity I played at as a child, and in fact, I even did a painting on velvet! I think it was Elvis!

The Hepatitis C Journey

OK, so now you are asking what this has to do with hep C. Fair enough, It is not always as obvious to everyone just where I am going with these stories. Well, it has to do with figuring things out based on the different points of time in your hep c journey or experience. They can be at any point and also at all the points, but as I said it is a journey that may take you to many different places – some difficult and some rewarding in the most life-changing ways.

One thing I try to keep in mind is that hep C or any other illness does not define who or what we are. Despite my belief that hep c is not simply about the medical concerns for all people affected, there is a lot of medical hurdles to overcome and I accept that they cannot be ignored. Our image is not built on a virus, and this speaks to me about stigma, our enemy. A picture of who we are cannot be created or defined by how others imagine us to be based on beliefs that have no real basis or foundation in truth. We are not simply a series of dots either and that is not my assertion here.

The journey can be long and the challenges great as I have learned in my own experience, but that does not mean there have not been some amazing points along the way. The highs and lows stand out perhaps but the day-to-day living may represent the biggest challenges of all. Does that sound familiar to you? I can imagine it does for some, and as I say over and again we are all unique even though we share much. If there was a thread that ties all those points or dots that connect it was one that would paint a very odd picture indeed, or maybe something beautiful, I cannot say for anyone.

Connecting the Dots Along My Journey

The places I have been are as terrific as they are terrible. The low points were the worst in my life, but there are memories of the best times when I knew that things were going to be better. I don’t want to spin tales about how wonderful the journey has been at every step, which just is not true. The people I have met, the people who have inspired others and me were then, and remain the highest points without any doubt. I feel blessed to have been fortunate enough to meet them whether in the virtual world or face-to-face. I would not change a thing and have not one regret.

Maybe there are going to be gaps in those dots where things simply don’t connect but don’t worry. There are no penalties for deviating unless it is about a specific protocol we must follow. Nobody can draw a picture of where our journey will take us. They can guess at best, and the same is true for us. It is not a straight line and some places need to be revisited but the sum or conclusion is not predetermined by any one thing or anyone at all. Good luck, you keep on connecting those dots in your own way. It is all about you and those who care about you after all.

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