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A pill organizer with the "Monday" compartment open shows pills inside the box and spilled outside.

Confused Medications – Yikes!

As is often the case, my inspiration for the things I write about comes from personal experience and those of others I talk to in the community. This is no exception, and the catalyst today is from something that happened yesterday. My dog Charlie has some digestive issues, like me. His problems have a different source I am sure, but that aside, he needs periodic visits to the vet and sometimes that means medications I have to administer.

Lessons learned from Charlie

Two days back, it was evident that I needed to take Charlie to the vet again, poor boy. He had not had any water or eaten in two days, and I was concerned, of course. The vet checked him out and took some blood to rule out a few things, gave him a shot for nausea, and added that I would need to give him some meds which came with the bill… yes, the bill.

Fast forward to the evening, and time to give him his dose of meds. I have used all sorts of different techniques for this procedure, with limited success depending on whether the dog is ready to eat; He was not, on this occasion. This poses some extra challenges. I did try wrapping the pill in some very tasty Havarti cheese I have, but nope, no way. Foolishly, I left the cheese wrapped pill on the same cutting board I had cut some cheese for me to have. Well, you may have figured out already where this is headed, but simply put, I ate his pill wrapped in cheese. Not the worst thing I have ever done, but it does remind me of how careful we all need to be with medications, for our dogs, cats, etc…. and for us!

Thinking back to my hep C treatment

I recall the days I was in hep C treatment, a long time ago, when I had 21 pills to take each day. It was obvious there had to be a system to keep them all straight and separate. Some were for the morning, some for daytime, while others were nighttime. Some were not daily, while others were multiple times each day. Easy to get confused with that mess. I remembered that my parents had used pill sorters and I went and bought one which I would fill once weekly, and I only goofed up once in 48 weeks, or at least that is my recollection.

My advice for current patients

There are ways to organize medications that are available from pharmacies, especially useful if you take multiple pills at different time intervals. I strongly recommend doing something to stay on track and prevent low dosing, overdosing, or no dosing; none of which are a good plan, as we know. I don’t believe any of you are as silly as I was, taking my dog’s meds, but it does remind me of the importance of keeping these things straight.

In the end, I had to dissolve my dog’s pill in sugar water and shoot it in his mouth. He was not amused at all and shook his head with at least a quarter of it ending up on me, but it has helped him I think. What a mess!

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