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Let Go of the Conflicts

Walking away from conflict is the most difficult thing one can learn to do. If you have a serious health condition like hep C or liver disease, it is very important to try to do. Livers are a very sensitive organs and do not withstand stress very well.

My experiences managing stress

It was shortly after I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis that my doctor sat me down for a talk about changing my lifestyle and stress level. I was running 3 companies, I was a mother of 2 kids who had after school events, and I was doing all I could to keep life moving forward while sick. When I did feel sick, I still had to maintain my life going fast pace because so many depended on me.

Doctor knows best

That day, my doctor explained that I was not helping my liver at all by working myself so much and going through a horrible divorce. I was not eating right, not sleeping well, and was constantly worrying about this, that, and the other. My doctor told me that I needed to do my part and help my liver out by eliminating something in my life that was causing me stress.  If anyone has ever come up against this challenge, let me tell you this… what you think you should eliminate is generally not what is suggested.

My solution

What I came up with was giving one of my employees more responsibility and allowing them to lock up every day after work, giving me more time to rest. I began a meditation regimen and welcomed the back rubs my kids offered me. I took long relaxing, warm baths in the evenings and made sure my diet was better.

If I ran into conflict, whether a customer, family, or friend, I politely excused myself from taking part in it. Slowly, I turned my personal circle into a smaller close-knit group that was made up of positive people who I knew could keep me focused and not feeding me drama.

If your life is drama-filled, stress-filled, you need to take hold of it and prioritize your life. You must look out for your sanity and stress. Let that Stress GO… your liver will thank you.

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