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Why Are You Waiting for Hepatitis C Treatment?

Lately, we’ve had a lot of friends here in our forums that are still waiting for hep C treatment. They have different reasons for waiting. However, it’s important to know why you are not getting treated right now. At first, I was put on hold for almost a year after my diagnosis. I couldn’t wait to start taking meds to be cured. Let’s take an honest look at why someone might be waiting and tips for getting started.

I’m afraid of losing my job

Sure, a lot of people didn’t tell their boss that they have hep C. I didn’t tell my boss at the first full-time job. I had just started treatment and was afraid of getting fired and losing insurance. Now I know how silly that sounds, but it is a real fear. If that is what is holding you back, talk to a friend about it, or get more information about ways to keep working during hep C treatment.

I don't want to talk about it

There are many people who call into the Help-4-Hep hotline and have never told anyone they have hep C. They just hate talking about it; It is almost as if they push it out of their mind. Here at HepatitisC.net, thousands of people have spoken to others about being cured. Please reach out and find the support that you need to help you talk to a medical provider about hepatitis C treatment.

I’m trying to get rid of hep C the natural way

I’ve heard of several people who tried that over the years. Immediately after exposure, there is a slight chance that you may “clear” the virus without treatment. But, it is a very short window of time. After that, taking the medical treatment is the only way to get cured. There are no herbs, remedies, or supplements that will kill the hep C virus. It’s in your blood, and it breeds or replicates in your liver. It takes real medicine to be cured.


I haven’t told my parents yet

That is understandable. Maybe it's because you fear losing their respect. On the other hand, it could be that you have fear of being shamed. For whatever reason, many of us have a hard time breaking the news to their parents. It’s hard to just walk in and blurt it out. Some people have their parents read an article about it first. It may be good to have a sibling help you begin the conversation.

My girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other might leave me

Hep C treatment may uncover some relationship flaws. There are  many success stories of people building stronger relationships during and after treatment. I actually started dating a guy just before treatment. After I got my SVR all clear, I married him. If you’re in a relationship and considering treatment, it’s time to have that talk.

Why are you waiting for hep C treatment? With the direct-acting antiviral medications, the cure rate is over 95%. By taking a single pill a day, a person can be cured of hepatitis C. That means no more damage to your liver. Now, you can take the first step now instead of waiting for hep C treatment.

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