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Communicating Your Needs

Communicating Your Needs

Let’s face it… communicating your needs can be very difficult to do. For one, many of us don’t really know what exactly to ask for when we are hurting, fatigued, or depressed. If we ourselves cannot pinpoint a need, how can we possibly communicate this to another person?

Putting it into words

I have personally found it hard to put into words what I need. When I am in pain or just fatigued, it is difficult for me to say exactly what I need. Other than a good rest or maybe a nice cup of hot tea. For me, it is difficult needing to come to ask for some things. I am not one to ask for someone to stop what they are doing to ease my pain. Even as a child, asking to gifts was hard for me. I would rather be surprised and given things. Not feeling like a spoiled child, I would always replay, “I am not picky”. Growing into an adult, this has carried over to today, where I rarely ask someone to get me anything.

Mind reading

With that said, after agonizing in pain for several hours, or even days by this time, I reached a point where I get frustrated and sometimes upset at why those around me can’t see I am suffering and just do something to help me. It is as though I expect them to read my mind.

Well, here is the ticket for that: They are NOT mind readers, no one is. And I can’t blame anyone other than myself for my hurting or pain. If I can’t be honest and up-front, sharing with those closest to me about my needs or desires, then I cannot blame them for not helping.

Letting others help

If I am in pain and my legs are jerking all over or my muscles are sore, all I need to do is step out of my comfort zone here and ASK for a simple massage. It is not like I am would be asking for a million dollars, or something someone cannot provide. But that massage, if I asked, might just feel like a millions bucks at that time.

Step out of your comfort zone and learn to share with those closest to you about your desires of needing a massage or a nice hot bath drawn. Even to have someone brush your hair. It is the simplest acts that can sooth a tired worn-down body. After all, if you were asked, I know you would jump at the chance to help those you love. So, trust in them to feel the same. Let them get that opportunity to care for you.

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