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The Common and Less Common Symptoms of Hepatitis C

There are so many symptoms associated with hepatitis C, some more commonly known than others. While many symptoms can be managed, sometimes it’s helpful just to know you’re not the only one experiencing certain physical or emotional symptoms.

Here are a few common and less-common symptoms discussed within our community. How do your symptoms compare to that of others? Vote in the polls to see how others responded:

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms reported within the hepatitis C community. In our Hepatitis C in America study, 82% of the respondents said they experienced fatigue.


2. Brain fog

Studies have shown one third to half of the population living with hepatitis C experience cognitive symptoms better know as brain fog. Learn more about brain fog and ways to help manage it in this article.


3. Skin issues

There are a number of skin issues associated with hepatitis C. Some of the more common dermatological symptoms experienced may include Lichen Planus or Pruritus. Karen put together a list of some solutions that brought her some relief.


4. Depression

Many researchers believe people living with hepatitis C are more likely to experience depression for a combination of reasons such as the symptoms of the infection or the effects of the treatment. Know the signs of depression, and most of all know you’re not alone.


5. Hair loss

While the effects of hepatitis C on the liver can indirectly attribute to hair loss, the most common reason many with hepatitis C experience hair loss is due to the effects of treatment, especially interferon treatments.


Have you experienced any of these symptoms, or other symptoms that are included here? Please share in the comments!