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Cirrhosis Is Not the End

I hear a lot from people who have cirrhosis from living with the Hepatitis C Virus. When I learned that the virus had taken me to end stage, or stage 4, I was in shock. My liver was failing. I thought it was the end. I learned a lot over the next several years and have some encouragement for you!

Cirrhosis is not the end. It is the beginning of a journey toward increasing health. Keep these simple things in mind as you listen to your doctors advice, make healthy changes, and learn about liver disease.

Getting cured of Hepatitis C means no new damage to your liver.

Eating a low sodium diet can help you reduce your blood pressure, and water build up, or ascites.

Abstaining from or reducing alcohol intake reduces the burden on your liver.

Changing your diet to less red meat can help your liver process protein easier.

Plant based proteins are healthy and easy to find.

Walking every day is proven to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Even mild cardiovascular exercise, like walking, can help your heart health.

Stretching every day keeps your body limber and increases flexibility.

Cutting back on smoking or attempting to quit will add years to your life and also give you increased energy.

Learning all that you can about Hepatitis C and liver disease will help you understand how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

A positive mental attitude is healing. Even if you are all alone, keep your thoughts bright and optimistic.

Surround yourself with a good health team. A doctor or nurse who really care about you is important. This relationship should be one where you feel safe and secure.

Stay on top of your health insurance needs. Things change so quickly with private and government health care. It’s not easy, but you MUST know what is available for you and know what your options are.

Be sure that your inner circle of friends are in alignment with your health solutions. They may not always understand, but they can promote good choices for you. They can also help you follow through on your choices.

If you have people in your life who are pulling you down, it may be wise to draw a boundary. To be sure, you will get some flack from setting a new standard. Stand firm about what behaviors and attitudes you will accept.

Stand firm in all of your choices. Write them down and post them where you can read them daily.

Be flexible. Even when standing firm, you may have to adjust as circumstances change. Take new information about your health needs into consideration and then be willing to make modifications.

When you first discover that you have cirrhosis, it is really disheartening. You feel like you don’t have control in your life. You may feel like your body is worn out. You feel like your life is ending too soon. This is not always the case. Your whole body will join in the effort to help your liver to heal. I’m living proof that end stage does not mean the end.

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