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Tips for Choosing a Health Care Provider with Hep C

Tips for Choosing a Health Care Provider with Hep C

Do you have faith in your medical provider? Does it seem like they have your best interest at heart, or are you just a number to them? There are few relationships as important as the one you share with a health care provider. Before putting your life into someone’s hands, do a little research. When you have found the right one, you can rest assured and move forward with a health care plan to help you get rid of Hep C and its related symptoms.

Tips for Choosing a Health Care Provider with Hep C:

Insurance – Most of us choose from a list of doctors that our insurance provides for us. You may already have a primary care person assigned to you. If not, once you have some names, ask a friend for a reference. You may end up blindly choosing a provider. That’s ok too. You can always make an assessment after the first visit.

Hospital – Your city may have more than one hospital. If there is one that you prefer, that may help in the decision making.

Clinic – Most cities have clinics that serve patients with or without insurance. Some of them are associated with a hospital. They may even be an urgent care that is a branch of a hospital. My friend has been going to an urgent care center for so long that she considers them her doctor. She is on government aid and trusts the doctors there with every problem from her liver disease.

Doctor – Most offices and clinic have an MD or a DO. Your primary care is usually a general practitioner who specialized in family medicine. They may refer you to a specialist, such as a hepatologist, gastroenterologist, or transplant surgeon.

Physician Assistant – These medical professionals have taken extra courses and are licensed to treat and prescribe as part of a medical team.

Nurse Practitioner – Many medical offices now have nurses who are highly trained to perform advanced medical diagnosing and maintenance care.

Nurse Assistant – These medical staff are certified through state licensing and are usually seen during check in at your medical clinic or office.

My Story – I chose my primary care doctor based on a reference. She practiced at the hospital of my choice. She sent me to ER where a gastrointerologist diagnosed the end stage liver disease and Hepatitis C. He introduced me to the transplant surgeon team. They helped me through cancer. I see them all including the PA, NP, and NA. When I really need help, my aid is always a great listener. She helps me make sense of my problem. After that, the PA, NP, or my doctor come in and we make choices together about how to treat. The main thing is that my voice is heard and I have confidence in my team. You can see how well it can go when you make a good choice to begin with. I hope this helps you in choosing a team you can trust!

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