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Hepatitis C in Children: Part 2

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Many parents who are reaching out who have children who have been born with hep C are asking good questions. Fortunately, we finally have some answers. Only a year ago did any of the drug companies open up clinical trials for children with hepatitis C, and new treatments such as Harvoni, etc. After my little buddy Zachariah was cured on Harvoni, we began to see many more children partaking in clinical trials and also getting cured. 

New options for treating hep C in kids

The flood gates have opened now, in many cities across the United States, for children looking to participate in clinical trials. With few to no side effects, these trials are proving to be safe.  Keep in mind, many of these drugs have been on the market and treating adults for several years now, usually with 98% cure rates. These are not new drug treatments, just ones now open to be tried on children. They have passed FDA standards for adults, and now this opens the realm for drug companies to expand into treating hep C in children.  This is wonderful news for so many desperate families who children are suffering from hep C and its effects on the liver and body.

If you are interested in getting your child on a clinical trial, or would like more information, I encourage you to reach out to for a list of current trials and the participating cities where these are taking place.

“How can I help my child?”

I encourage the families of these children with hepatitis C to learn and read up on what hepatitis C is and the effects it can have on the body. Chances are, your child is showing most of these signs and that can help you be better at comforting and soothing them when they are hurting and crying out in pain. As I share with my adults who fight fatigue and muscle and joint pain, a quick remedy involves placing a towel in the dryer on high heat, removing immediately, and wrapping your child up in this warmness. In my experience, this technique soothe those hurting joints and muscles.

If recommended by your doctor, make sure your child stays hydrated and limit sugary foods. It might be difficult to get them to eat more vegetables and fruit, so I encourage smoothies to add these much needed vitamin and nutrients to their diet.

Find support

My foundation offers a private closed support group for families who have a child with hepatitis C called kids corner (on Facebook). We have several people on our foundation team who have had their child cured by one of the above-mentioned trials and several in the group as well. These parents are full of insight and suggestions as to how you can be better prepared at doctor’s visits, etc. Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek counsel and support. This is a difficult time and the more you can be informed and prepared, the easier the journey for you and your child

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