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Checklist of How to Beat Hep C.

Checklist of How to Beat Hep C

Beating hep C is easier than ever before, but you’ve got to have several things lined up before you begin. Look at the big picture of your life as you talk with your doctor.

Think about the things that will need to be in place. Then you can get started on your way to beat hep C.

Have a medical team plan.

Get into agreement with your doctor about the best time for your treatment to begin. Look at your own current health. Decide which drugs will be the ones that work best for you.

Have a financial plan.

This may be one of the most worrisome things about treatment. Everyone talks about the new drugs and how expensive they are. There are many options. You can ask your doctor to give you a list of ways you can pay for treatment. Get on forums and ask others for help also.

Have a talk with family and friends.

You’re going to need a support system. Let your family know what your concerns are. If there has been stress because of your illness or other situations, work it out. Now is the time to work together.

Have a plan for exercise.

Your body may be weak because of liver disease. For sure, the hepatitis C virus makes you feel really tired most of the time. Look at ways to keep your body strong. Ask your doctor if those things are right for you. Then follow the plan.

Have a healthy diet in place.

Making a lot of changes while you’re on treatment is a great thing. If you have liver disease, like cirrhosis, you may have already made changes. Look for ways to reduce sodium. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to cook more and eat out less. It can help you feel better and heal faster.

Have a plan for your job.

You decide whether you tell your boss you are on treatment, or keep it to yourself. Think about your overall health. Talk it out with your medical team and your family or friends. Think about how you will handle problems down the road after treatment starts.

Have a place to write things down.

Keep a notebook near you. It can be handy for when you have a question for the doctor. You may make a list of things to talk about, as well as the answers. Write down your thoughts. Make lists of things that you want to do today. If you don’t get it done, move it to a list for tomorrow.

Have your priorities made.

Knowing what is most important is a good step toward sticking with your goals. You may want to work on your physical health today by exercising or eating healthier. Perhaps your relationships will be high on your list of things to focus on.

Once you have everything on your checklist done, you are on your way to beating hep C. Some more stuff may come up, but you can deal with them as they come. If you have gone over all of these items, you will have a smoother time taking the treatment for hepatitis C.

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