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Celebrate Our Diversity

We are all different, no matter what we share in common. Like you, I have observed many cultural and societal differences in people from around the globe, but one thing that I have noticed in my observations here at home and in my travels is that when it gets down to the basics we all want the same things. We want safety and security, which can mean a home that is protected from the elements, enough food that is safe, and a better future for our children. In some places security takes on a more profound and central meaning whether real or perceived. These are basic needs I understand, but they are universal throughout our world as I see it.

All Are Deserving of Health

Healthcare is another form of security, and should also be a basic right for all of us. Some will disagree I know, and I accept that we all don’t share in the same views. We see disparity in access to appropriate care in all places on earth. Those who have privilege do in general expect and receive better access to better care, no matter where it is. Why is obvious to most of us, and I am no radical or anarchist when I say it comes down to money and position. We all know this to be a simple truth or reality.

I have seen great disparity in my hep C experience, with some of us receiving the best of care while others are left behind altogether. I have dug into this in many ways and there appear to be many different explanations and proposed remedies but any real progress has been slow, very slow in my opinion.

The knowing of these things does not change a thing, or does it? If all we ever know is privilege our lens is surely different to those who have only known disadvantage. Is this the sort of diversity I think we can celebrate or is disdain the more ethical and proper response, with no real cause to celebrate? The answer is simple to me.

Diversity Should Be Celebrated

What I choose to celebrate is our diversity of culture, language, art, history and all the things that enrich us as a people. Separating us into classes and types is not so useful despite our need to do so over and over again in history. Building walls to keep us apart, and I am speaking both literally and figuratively, will never bring us closer together as a community or species. I recognize that we are not all equal in every way, but were we not all raised up to believe that sharing was a good thing, that getting along was positive and that helping others was not only good, but was also part of being in a community of people. It really does add to our chances of survival as a species, to cooperate and support one another.

In the hep C community we have many different people from all walks of life, from every class imaginable. All cultures, all the differences we can imagine are affected. The big idea for me is to do less separating and do more cooperating, and we will see better outcomes for all of us. We can surely agree to celebrate that can we not?

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