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Giving Your Caregiver Their Life Back

Being cured for over 4 years now has been very rewarding, to say the least. It’s a relief just knowing that the threat against my already very damaged liver is gone. Life for me has begun to turn, and now, I am able to dream of future again. Goals are being set with my physical-being and my life again.

Realizing how hep C affected my kids

There is one area I did not realize was affected to the extent it was, and that is how my children felt through all this. And how now, they are being transitioned back to a normal life after living with a chronically-ill mom.

We have always been very close, and they have been my number one supporters with my fight against hep C. They have seen me at my absolute worst, and now, at my highs. What I did not take into account is the emotional toll on my kids, and for my son in particular. Getting very sick when he was 9 years old put him into the role of protector, caregiver and guardian. I never wanted to place this burden on my kids, but somehow, as hard as I tried not to, it was still placed on his poor, young life. He became the man of our household at such a young age. The responsibility to care for and protect 2 women in his household was put on his poor shoulders, even though that was not intentional. Looking at this now, I feel horrible that he carried this burden alone. It was not until I have become healthier and more self-reliant that I stepped back and noticed all this on his young life.

A familiar story…

As a young girl, my mom was in and out of hospitals because of her transplanted kidney issues. It was beyond frightening for me. I had to grow up rather quickly. Learning to cook, clean, and become the lady of the house when my mom was sick. So, I understand how my son feels the way he does, and why he is so protective over me and his sister.

Shifting focus

I don’t know a wrong or right way for someone going through a health issue and their children. For me, communication was key, sharing and being upfront about things, and letting him my son know that I am ok now, and that he doesn’t need to worry so much. My life is taking a turn, and as he ends high school, it is time we focus on getting his life in order. Now, I am taking some of the burden he has carried away from him so he can begin focusing on his life.

This whole life ordeal has created a bond between my kids and me, that we know we will always have each other’s backs. It is now my time to be his support and help him in deciding his life direction… Letting him know that Mom is good and doing great, that I appreciate all he has done and given to me. I will be forever grateful for his love and protection.

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