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Brain Yoga: Dealing with Brain Fog & Hep C

For all the yoga practitioners, please don’t take this too seriously. “Brain yoga” is not a thing, is it? To be honest, it would not surprise me in this age of naming things differently. Cool, if it is. I did not research anything like brain yoga; In fact, I only heard the term on the radio recently and it struck me as curious… and a little amusing. I used to practice yoga myself and it was great fun and it certainly helped me to be more flexible and even a sort of nimbleness set in. It was calming too, but I can’t lie, there was some hurt involved too.

Knowing that many people with hep C face challenges with brain fog, why not try brain yoga, I say.

Brain fog and hep C

I can imagine that brain yoga can be interpreted as having a more elastic and flexible brain, and who can argue with that? I can’t, that is for sure. The old saying about things not working if you don’t work them applies just as much to our brain as it does any other part. I cannot go as far as endorsing the old saying about “no pain-no gain”m because using our brain should never cause us pain, or should it? Hmmmmmm… It can, in fact, cause me pain when I overthink things, and it can even make anxiety ramp up in some of us. So, I am going to take a leap in suggesting that using our brain is a good thing, but over-using may cause stresses.

What is brain yoga?

I imagine brain yoga is meant to do something similar to yoga. Keeping our brains – or mind, if you like – free of the clutter that can paralyze us (metaphorically speaking) is a positive thing. Reading may be akin to brain yoga, unless you are reading all technical writing or scientific papers. Then, there is the writing part, oh my!
Sometimes, these words flow out of my brain, and as wacky as it may sound, this is in fact one of those times.

For all I know, I am writing absolute rubbish, but it is helping me to look at something that is serious in a humorous way. This could be that brain yoga thing, could it not? Maybe this is my version of it. Cool, I say, as much as you wonder what I am going on about. Happy thoughts could be considered brain yoga. If we think of yoga as being positive, why wouldn’t it be same?
I don’t have a clue, and if people want to call something brain yoga, who am I to say no?

The fact is we will call things what we want, and we can have fun with words and language, at least some of the time. Who knows, maybe brain yoga will find its place in our common parlance and for all I know it already has, alongside all the other seemingly silly words and things.


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