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Real Life Brain Fog Scare – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

Coming home from the hospital that night, I was still very groggy. I was coherent and could communicate again but my body felt as though I had wrestled a beast all day.  All who would have seen me that day said I indeed wrestled the beast.

The realities of brain fog

Hepatic encephalopathy is a horrible, horrible side effect of liver disease.  Not only are you faced with taking a sweet, thick, syrup-like medication daily (sometimes more than once a day), but you are fighting to be coherent in daily activities. I struggle to stay focused on any one topic too long.  If simple math is involved, I still need calculator. It is embarrassing for me at times. 

A new normal

Those that are closest to me know me and my actions having this now- Spaced out, hard to get the words out during conversations, losing trains of thought easy, and the list goes on. But to work and have a job that requires me to be top of my game, it is harder for me to hide my shortcomings. That is why I spoke up and explained my health situation with coworkers and my boss. I needed them to know that if they come to my desk needing something answered, more than likely I will have to take notes on the question and get back to them. For me, trying to do on-the-spot research was not going to happen. Sure, there are days I am on top and things are spot on. Some days, my thinking is so clear that no one would know I struggle with brain fog. But generally, I looked spaced out and just have learned to take my life at a slower pace. I have learned to forgive myself for not being quick at things anymore.

My advice to others

There is no sense beating ourselves up for not remembering things or forgetting things. Our bodies are already getting beat up daily with the effects of a failing liver. Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to go at a slower pace. If you are working, share this with your boss. You never know if you may need medical attention and them knowing this basic health information could save your life. The more others are aware around you, the better the outcome in an emergency situation.

Get your hepatitis C addressed sooner than later. The earlier you can catch this before it damages your liver, the better. We are working to get insurance companies to approve treatments earlier to save more livers.

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  • Alistair
    4 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I struggle with similar issues.
    I think its time to give these symptoms a proper name apart from ‘brain fog’.
    It doesnt go any where near enough.

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