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Brace Yourself

Yes I know, a sensational title. I apologize for the dramatic tone. The thing is that we are inclined to do this bracing thing in preparation for storms, difficult events, or things upcoming in our lives. How does this apply to hep C or any chronic illness is a good question and with your indulgence, I hope to delve into the why and how we might do that. Never suggesting any quick fixes or simple answers, fluffy phrases or slogans, it really is like everything else a very personal thing in how we deal with the looming change, event or series of events and challenges.

Preparing for Treatment and Other Changes

In taking a leap here, let’s say it is an upcoming challenge and I promise not to dwell on exactly every version of what challenge means, despite my pedantic tendencies. Yes, indeed I love to talk and write, it is a thing I do. Here is another opportunity to look at options we have. Let’s say for the sake of discussion; we are talking about treatment for chronic hep C. Now that treatment is considered to be much less toxic than older therapy of the rat poison-like mix, there is a new set of rules and challenges alike.

I am not suggesting that you should brace yourself for some wild ride of your life kind of experience, that would be unfair, untrue, and irresponsible on my part. Bracing for things is just another way of talking about preparation. Preparing for things is not necessarily a negative thing, but like so many things it depends on perspective and personality. Mentioning personality is only meant to bring up how we vary in our responses and how we prepare or don’t and all the different shades in between. A recent and popular use of the word binary is meant to refer to two. As far as I can tell it refers to two choices, answers, etc. Never are things so simple as two in my view, and some will disagree and the pragmatists will say I am speaking hogwash because, after all, everything is on-off, right or wrong, and you get the idea.

Doing What’s Best for YOU

Okay, I am getting a little off topic again, but the thing I wanted to say is that preparing for treatment is maybe a good idea for you. Roll with the punches is a good way to deal with the things you may encounter in treatment, as in side effects, and try not to fret or worry about what may happen because we can never predict everything that could happen in the future. These are well-worn truths as I see it, and by that I mean they may sound self-evident, but it never hurts to remind oneself now and again. This is part of the bracing or preparing for things-like treatment.

How much or how little you prepare is up to you, and I would never presume to suggest any right way to do that, only wish that we consider the possibilities that we have built in.

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