A pot of steaming stew with carrots, potatoes, and celery floating in it is topped off with bone broth poured in from a jar.

Bone Broth Soup Recipe To Boost Liver Health

Last updated: March 2021

We are constantly trying to please our appetite while staying healthy. A bone broth soup recipe boosts liver health, and when combined with the right combination of vegetables, it’s also satisfying and delicious. Get ready to cook from scratch, because I’m going to give you a starter recipe. Then I’ll offer a few ideas about how you can spruce up your soup with healthy protein.

Cooking from scratch

My husband isn’t comfortable with my no-measure cooking methods, but he always loves the end result. When you make soup this way, there is always the right amount. If you have a houseful, cut more veggies, if it’s just for you, cut less. I go with the ratio of about two cups of chopped veggies per person.

Bone broth soup

Ingredients: 2 cups of bone broth for every 2 cups of vegetables.

You can start with any combination of vegetables. Let’s say that all you have is carrots and potatoes. Scrub, peel, and chop them into bite size pieces. Put them in a stove top pot, and then cover them with bone broth. Now, add water to cover them roughly another two inches and let it cook. If it cooks down too much, add more bone broth. That’s it. If it's too thin, you can always sprinkle a little bit of instant mashed potatoes, just to thicken.

Spice things up

Seasonings are wonderful, especially if you don’t have a lot of vegetables on hand. A sprinkle of ground celery, black pepper, or a dash of thyme can really add flavor. I personally feel that almost every pot of soup deserves a little diced onion, but suit yourself. I keep some chopped onions in the fridge just so I can randomly throw bits into eggs, sprinkle onto nachos, or sizzle with meat. Chopped celery will add a nice salty taste to your soup too, and any type of potato works. Try adding color or variation by using purple or even sweet potatoes.

Bone broth

Back in the day, we made our own by cooking the leftover bones all night in the oven. After cleaning the turkey, ham, steak, or chicken bones of all the meat, they went into an oven roaster with the lid on. The next day, we cooled the mixture in a pan, and then put the “stock” into glass jars or freezer containers. It was easy to pour a little of the rich meaty broth into every dish, especially soup.

When you buy bone broth, be sure to check the sodium content by reading the nutrition label. Try different ones to see which you taste you like the best. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for chicken bone broth, and other times, I like beef. They are both good sources of healthy protein.

This bone broth soup recipe boosts your liver, and with less salt, it’s so good for you. This is a meal that will be easy on your tummy, and help you stay strong while you’re battling hep C. If you’ve had stomach problems, varices, or weight loss, talk to your doctor. Ask them if eating a nice bowl of homemade meat broth soup would increase your energy and help you gain strength.

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