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Benefits of Mindfulness

Benefits of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Here’s my definition: being aware of what is happening in your mind. It is basically like a way of noticing your thoughts. We’re all constantly thinking. We don’t ever rest from thought. Even when we are asleep, our minds are active in a dream state. Being aware of our thoughts can help us harness the benefits of mindfulness.

The Benefits of Mindfulness


Inner happiness and peace

We want to have fun in life. With health problems from Hep C, it’s hard. Being carefree seem like a thing of the past. Instead of peaceful thoughts, we may feel in a state of doom and gloom.

Get insight about your own personal life

When getting in the habit of being mindful, we are quiet. We begin to see ourselves in a different way.

Relief from worry and stress

Thoughts filled with anxiety are hard to stop. That voice in our head tells us every little thing that is going wrong in our lives. Recovery from high blood pressure, or heart condition – With constant stress, our heart begins to pound. Our blood pressure rises. We might even have rapid heart rate.

Find solutions to family or relationship problems

Going inside our own head helps us to see ourselves, and others in a new light. We are able to see the personality traits of others. It’s almost comical to see the way that others can yank our chain. With mindfulness, we can bring it to a halt.

Help to set new habit patterns

If we are doing the same old thing the same old way, nothing get fixed. We are able to see the truth and make some changes when we take some time daily to work on our habits.

Less self judgment

We really need to quit being so hard on ourselves. We can begin working on making new habits, or getting rid of old ones. Even then, it’s about change, not about being down on yourself.

More self awareness and compassion

Too often, we are not aware of our thoughts. Negative self talk starts in. Soon we are silently tearing ourselves down. By noticing that, you can give yourself a boost. Tell yourself what a good job you are doing by being mindful.

Strengthen your brain power

There are many scientific studies that prove the benefits. You can help your memory, increase your mental skills, and get more done. With less stress, your brain can focus on important things.

Spiritual experience

Many consider meditation to be a form of prayer. Instead of an asking prayer. This is more of a listening prayer. Silence, together with listening for a loving voice can help you with all of the above benefits.

There are many benefits to mindfulness. I hope you will discover them with me in this series. Once we are aware of our thoughts, it’s powerful. We are able to stop allowing them to race around in an anxious way. It can help us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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