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Dealing with The Bad Days with Hepatitis C

Are these the best of times for you? It may feel like the worst of days at the moment, if you are dealing with some of the potential symptoms of hep C, or any long-term effects of living with it over time. One thing I experienced, and still do, is that as bad as I might feel at any given time, there are times when it is not so bad. Not remarkable in any sense, as I have heard the same from others, but it does help me when having the worst of days, knowing that tomorrow can be better. That potential for better days does help me get through the rough patches.

Coping with a new hepatitis C diagnosis

These may not be the best of times, if you have been told you have hep C. It is not easy to digest news like that. When I was diagnosed, I felt like my best days were done, over, and never to return. As it turned out, there were many days left to enjoy. They were not very much better very soon, and wrestling with that reality was not easy at all. I am not going to downplay the reality that so many of us face with hep C, with some of us having more difficulty than others. As it turned out for me, I was lucky in that my liver was only moderately shot. Once I was cured, it recovered and due to the amazing ability that the liver has to regrow and repair itself, it is doing alright now nine years later, according to the tests I get to monitor my liver functions.

After treatment, there are many more good days!

Despite some very rough times, it was evident that once I was virus-free, the good days were more abundant. I recall about a month or so after treatment, I caught myself smiling over nothing at all specific, and I soon understood it was just me feeling better. I chuckled at myself, and as it turned out, there were more to come; those wonderful moments I cherished and still do.

Were these the best of times? I have to tell you that they were really precious and make me smile as I tell you now. Have I had the same since? Yes.

The fact is that since I was diagnosed with hep C and treated, there have been some other health challenges – Some of them even more challenging than the hep C. I learned some lessons from my hep C experience, and I know these are things I will carry with me for all of my days. This is what, for me, is the best and most positive thing that the journey showed me: It showed me that even when I feel at my worst, there is a real possibility that I can feel better, and chances are good that I will. And with some luck, the best days may still be ahead!

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