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What Are You Waiting For? Ask to Be Tested

What are you waiting for? This was the question on my mind when talking with a lady who contacted me via social media about hep C. She explained her situation and shared her life struggle with addiction and unsafe practices throughout her life.

Hep C can go without symptoms for years

She originally contacted me about how she would know if she had hep C. We exchanged numerous messages with me sending important information to her about symptoms of hepatitis C. I also explained that many do not show signs of infection until later stages.

For myself, I was infected at birth through a blood transfusion and had no idea for 37 years that I had this disease. It was not until I was asked to be tested that I knew I had it. The minimal side effects I was having like, fatigue, muscle/joint pain and nausea I wrote off and excused them as I was overworking myself running my companies. There was nothing at the time that alarmed me to be tested for hep C nor was there much media push or information out there in 2005 about the disease.

Testing is the only way to know for sure

I did not learn about hepatitis C until I personally was diagnosed with it and was helping care for my mom who was also battling the end stages of hep C. It was my mom whom we all in the family excused her failing health to other issues she was fighting health wise. Not till after she passed did I fully grasp that all she was fighting was a huge part due to what hep C does to a person’s body. When you think of hep C you think the liver is the only issue, but that is false.  Hep C causes numerous other very serious health issues if left untreated.

After sharing this with this woman her reply was “she was afraid to know if she had it”. I further explained that not knowing is the worst thing she can do. Being in denial or not willing to get a handle on the outcome could be potentially deadly.  Ignoring hep C and pretending it is not there does NOT eliminate it from our bodies.

Testing can save lives

With so many variations in our ability to cure individuals now should be all the reason to get tested. Start by knowing the results of the test. That there could save your liver and your life. Seek help and assistance if you are struggling with addiction. Many facilities now have information to help you with your recovery journey and if you are fighting hep C as well, they can help guide you through the process of finding a good doctor, treatment, etc.

But please, do not ignore this and keep putting off being tested. Your life matters just as equally as the person next to you.  It does not matter how you contracted the disease and do not let it stop you from seeking out a cure.  We ALL deserve that CURE.

“Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~©”

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