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Hepatitis C and Anger Management

When living with the side effects and symptoms of the hepatitis C virus, there are a lot of things to get angry about. Many of those things are beyond our control. That’s why we’re mad in the first place, right? Let’s forget about all the things we have power over for a minute and just focus on the anger. It can be a real source of pain for many of us.

Let’s look at the things we are all mad about.

We’re mad because good insurance is not available for everyone. Many people sit in long lines waiting for health care, only to be told they are not sick enough for treatment. What gives with that?

We’re tired of being treated poorly because we have the hepatitis C virus. It doesn’t matter how we got it. No one deserves to be looked down on because of their illness. No. Body.

We’re worn out explaining ourselves to our family and friends. Unless you have the virus, you can not understand how we feel. The fatigue, nausea, insomnia, body aches, and brain fog make us look like hypochondriacs. We’re not… and we’re tired of trying to justify our lack of energy and ability.

We appear to be angry because we spend hours sitting on the phone waiting for an answer regarding medication or health care. What we really are is scared. We’re afraid that we will be turned down and will have to continue to get worse. We’re afraid of dying while we wait for an answer. Now that can make us mad.

We’re mad because we didn’t ask for this virus. Nobody would wish hepatitis C on their worst enemy. It’s a killer that slowly wastes away our liver. We want do-overs in a hep C free world.

We’re so mad at the virus and we want it out of our body completely. Every time we think about it, a little more anger rises up within us. We want every single particle of the virus destroyed.

We’re angry that our diet has to be changed. Trying to learn how to eat with lower amounts of salt is not easy. Everywhere we go, there is salty food. Most restaurants have a lot of salt. The foods that are easy to fix have too much for us. It makes eating a whole lot harder.

Even after we clear the virus, we get mad. It makes us cringe when we hear our doctor ask for another scan for cancer. We want to go on our merry way and forget we, or anyone else were ever sick with HCV.

We’re tired of taking time off to go to the lab for more blood tests. We would rather be taking time off to go fishing, or for a walk.

This list could go on for a while. We do have a lot of things that make our blood pressure rise. I say let’s just let it rise. Get good and mad and feel it. Shake your fist at the problem and shout it out if you can. Write it on a piece of paper and then crumble it up and burn it. Don’t hold it in though. The best way to manage anger is to let it out. Do it in any way you choose, but don’t hold it in. Find a safe place to vent. This website is one place you can do that. We get it. We’re mad too.

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