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Sometimes It Is All About You

Sometimes it has to be all about you, or at least a lot about you. I know that some people will have a problem with any suggestion that someone’s health or anything is the most important thing in the world. Who can argue that selflessness is not admirable in any person, but is it really the standard at which people should be judged?

Sometimes it’s about survival

We are not talking about whether a person is a candidate for sainthood or some equivalent, but more a human trait — survival. I know we have all known the person who always talks about themselves or their problems and it can be tedious sometimes. And, to some degree, we have all been that person. Fortunately, there was someone at the other end who was patient and kind enough to listen. You have likely been that friend or loved one too, I am sure.

There are times when we need to focus more on our own needs, and this does not make us selfish. It may be absolutely necessary for us to survive and go on to thrive. I don’t know about you, but one of those times when I really needed to focus my efforts on getting better was when I was living with, getting cured, and free from hep C.

Self-care isn’t selfish

Don’t feel guilty if this is where you find yourself. There is a time when we need to look after ourselves first and foremost. There will be lots of opportunities to be the go-to person for others, if that is who you normally are or want to be. The people who rely on you will understand and if they don’t understand it may be a learning opportunity for them. This doesn’t mean we abandon any and all efforts to be there for others.

The selfless among us will find it harder to focus on ourselves, and I get it. There are times when it is healthy to get outside our self. If we do as I have done at times; focus too much on aches and pains or health, in general, it can be a problem if not done in balance. I guess balance is the key in this like so many other aspects of dealing with illness and day-to-day life in general.

Stiking a balance

The keeping a balance part can be hard when we are not well. Even if we don’t have obvious and apparent symptoms from hep C the virus can still affect us. In my own experience and that of countless others, there are any number of issues brought on with hep C. The all-too-familiar brain fog that creeps in for many, is just one of several effects of hep C.

Focus can be clouded with a foggy brain, and as I recall my own experience with hep C. Balance is hard when we are struggling with clear thought, don’t I know. Maybe you experienced it too, but there is hope! My hope is that you give yourself permission to think about you. It is not my permission that is required; it is you that makes the choice and good luck!

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