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Why Do I Feel Worse Now That Treatment Is Over?

During my clinical trial in 2014-2015 using Solvaldi and Ribavirin, I felt amazing. I began to have energy and could hold food down when I ate.  Do not get me wrong, that ribavirin was a horrible medication and the second time I was put on it, I found that it held-up to its name “Riba Rage”.  I would have horrible angry spells come over me on that medication. Out of the blue, I could not tame it nor could I stop it. But I managed to run the full course of treatment for 48 weeks.

Post-treatment side effects

Shortly after I stopped treatment, nausea and fatigue set in and I literally felt the virus was back with a vengeance. I hurt all over my body and felt worst than before I began the treatment. I begged my clinical nurse to test me for hep C and viral load again.  I just knew in my heart it was back.  To my surprise, I was still undetected. How on earth could this be? I was so sick and I had no explanation to explain my body's hurt. My nurse shared that these medications could remain in our bodies for up to a year after treatment, depending on length of time on them.

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Long-term effects of treatment

Well, being on this a few weeks short of a full year, meant I was in for a year of hell (I just knew it). I was not off on that figure either. I began to feel somewhat okay 8 months after I took the last pills to cure my hep C. To this very day, 5 years later, I still do not feel 100 percent.  Although I am late stage decompensated liver, I am living with the effects of a bad liver now and the lasting effects I feel I got from being on interferon for some time. I experience nerve pain, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue and the list can go on. I deal with this each and every day. In time, I have learned that I can manage my days around this; I won't let it rob me of my life. I force myself to do things and I push limits only I know I can.

Fortunately, today's treatments take less time (usually only 8-12 weeks) and have fewer side effects. This is all the more reason to be tested EARLY and TREATED EARLY. Early treatment can reduce long-term side effects of the hepatitis C virus, as well as liver damage.

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