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After Care for HCV Treatment.

After Care for HCV Treatment

Finding out you have hepatitis C is like a crazy coo coo clock. You get all wound up trying to find out about treatment. Things go fast. You get through all of the tests. You finally get your drugs and begin taking them on time. Then the viral load disappears and pretty soon you are done. It may feel a bit like the day after Christmas let down. However, you still have lots to do to for after care for HCV treatment.

While your liver doesn’t have to fight the virus any more, it is still tired. If you have liver disease, you might be in line to experience fewer symptoms. For example, ascites may go away with reduced sodium diet. Keep taking any medications as prescribed and watch your blood labs on liver enzymes for signs of improvement.

Your body will be going through a lot. Continue to drink a lot of water to help your body cleanse. Eat a lot of good, clean, wholesome food. You can celebrate with a pizza or cake, but your body will love some nutrition to help it stabilize.

Get a massage. Look for a coupon for a good masseuse. Go in and let someone work over your tired muscles for an hour. Prepare yourself by taking a long hot shower. Don’t schedule anything important. After the massage, treat yourself to a healthy shake or go to your favorite juice bar. Stay in a positive mood and allow the relaxation to continue. Your body will positively vibrate with renewed energy.

Get your hair done. Maybe a different style or a fresh cut will help you to see yourself as brand new. If you have had any weight changes while you were battling HCV, it can show on your face. A new style will cut off the old “drug head” hair. Your hair will begin to grow back with increasing shine and thickness.

Get your teeth cleaned. During treatment, you may have developed cavities. Lack of nutrition, poor dental hygiene due to fatigue and medicine mouth can lead to sick gums too. Ask your dentist about whitening or go get some whitening toothpaste. Then look in the mirror and smile and the new hep C free you!

Make a major walking shoe purchase. The week I was taken off of treatment due to a varice bleed, I hit the shoe store. From that point on I was walking. Almost every day you could see me down on the trail. Within 3 months I did my first 5K. I came in last. Actually, the police cars picking up cones passed me, but I came across the finish line like I was in 1st place. I kept those shoes as a reminder of my finish line for treatment.

Celebrate your life. You just got the gift of life given to you. Many have died with liver disease at an early age because there was not a cure for hepatitis C. You are one of the lucky ones. You cleared. You have years ahead of you to heal and live out your dreams. You are a miracle. Take care of yourself.

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