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A man and his father take a walk with their arms around each other

5 Tips to Help Adult Kids Understand Hep C

Our relationship with our family takes a hit with hepatitis. You can have more successful relationships with just these few tips. My bunch survived it, and I believe yours can too. I want to share my top 5 tips to help adult kids understand Hep C.

Before the diagnoses, my role had been back-up babysitter and buyer of the big birthday and Christmas presents. Except, my liver decompensated in 2010, and we found out that I might not make it to Christmas. Instead of helping out, I ended up moving in – with them. I needed help getting hepatitis C treatment. It was a mess, and took some time for them to comprehend what was happening. I hope these tips give you a good start.

Here are 5 tips to help adult kids understand hep C:


I withdrew in the beginning. Because of hepatic encephalopathy, or HE, I could be emotional and irrational. My friends guided me toward giving my kids a break til I could figure out how to talk about hep C. I began internet research, and wrote down how each symptom was affecting my body. Reading about treatment medications was important too.


What worked for me was to lean on anyone besides the kids whenever possible. If transportation to the doctor, or the grocery store was needed – I called friends and other family members. This allowed my kids to see me as somewhat strong. After about a year, I ended up anemic, and got a blood transfusion. By then, the kids were ready to help out.


My bunch was busy dealing with their own lives, and to be honest – they didn’t have a lot of time to stress over liver disease. If you’re like me, and have HE, just trust me on this one. Try to put your own needs on the back burner when they’re around. Let them talk about their lives, and the every day things they are doing. They still need you to be a parent, even when you have fatigue, body aches, and a life threatening virus.

Let go

When dealing with medical bills, symptoms of cirrhosis, and managing treatment, I learned to let everything else go. They went away for a weekend after I got a blood transfusion, and I didn’t even feel sorry for myself. I felt sorry for them. They needed a break, and I had to let my expectations go for the time being.


My love for my kids was so strong that even during my worst moments, I knew that their needs had to come first. It called on all the heart that I had. It was worth it to help them through my illness. If you’re like me, you’ll be amazed at your own courage in showing love at your weakest possible moment in life.

Summing it up

I know that these 5 tips to help adult kids understand hep C can put you into a new start with your kids. You have already learned how to lean on others, listen to your kids, and let go of expectations. No matter what, you love with all your heart. Now you can always know that you’ve done your very best.

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