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A new start.

A New Start

I do love a new word document. Like the one I’m typing into now. There is something about a blank page that is so – fresh. Clean and brand newy. Even the word start makes my heart skip a beat. It feels like maybe my toe is on a line and I’m getting ready to run a race. That’s what a New Year feels like to me.

A blank slate. As a teacher, I love it when my white board is clean. I can neatly write the date and my name there using my best penmanship. I ask my students to do that in the upper right corner of their paper. I have a theory about that.

When you put your name on something that is fresh and clean, you try harder. When you put the date on there, it marks your time.

What work will you be doing this year? Perhaps you are going to be treating for the Hepatitis C Virus. If you have finished treatment, you might be in recovery and returning to work. You might be trying to regain your strength from other ailments, like advanced liver disease.

I spent a few New Years making plans to eat healthier and exercise as much as I could. With cirrhosis from HCV, it took a lot of mental planning and strategy to get things done.

Some of your work this year will involve relationships. Perhaps you will work on strengthening your bond with loved ones. It may be time to have a talk with someone that you have drifted away from.

I hope that the New Year will bring new relationships for all of us. We can include people into our circle who have the same goals that we do. You might meet a health care provider, pastor or counselor who can help you find a new way of coping with illness.

There should certainly be some romance in the New Year. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, or involved – everyone needs to be loved and give love. Even if it’s just a flirtation, let yourself feel good in someone’s presence. You know what I’m talking about. Spark that flame.

Your page may be filled with some new words this year. Words like healing, hope, health, happiness. Write those words down on a blank page for yourself. Do it in a journal. Do it on a piece of junk mail. Do it on a napkin. Just write them down.

You are a blank slate today…. And every day. A fresh page waiting to be written on. Yesterday was erased. Last year is gone. Let it go, and turn toward this new one.

There will only be once chance to live this year. I thought the past year might be my last as I battled liver cancer. Here I am facing a new year after a liver transplant. The Hepatitis C Virus is now part of my history. It has an impact on my future. But today, it’s always a new start for all of us.

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  • PeachStatePam
    4 years ago

    Excellent as always Karen! Thank you! Hope you are feeling better and better each and every day and wishing you a wonderful 2016. My *buzz word* will be JOY! If it doesn’t bring me joy, then I won’t be doing it 😉

  • Karen Hoyt moderator author
    4 years ago

    I’m with you Pam! I love being joyful. Life is too short to do things or be around people that pull us down. All my best to you this New year! xoxo Karen

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