5 Things That Make Stress Worse

5 Things That Make Stress Worse

Stress can make you miserable. Everything sets you on edge. The noise someone makes when they eat. The bank teller wanting copies of whatever when you’re rushed. Your neighbor mowing his lawn by flashlight while you’re sleeping. The young thang at the clinic telling you what’s up with Hepatitis C symptoms. Oh no, she didn’t - When you’re on the edge of sanity, it does NO good to add to it. Here are 5 things that make stress worse – I know you want to avoid them.

5 Things that Make Stress Worse

  1. Getting jacked up on caffeine. It’s nice to wake up with a cup of coffee. Studies have shown that it’s even good for your liver. A whole pot can make your nerves stand on edge. If you have to get something done – believe me, I get it. I drank green tea with honey to work up energy to finish this blog. Which leads to the next thing.
  2. Getting a sugar buzz. It’s my “wake up” jolt. Works every time. We know better than to bring sacks of it home. I bring it in by stealth. (like anyone but me is noticing) Bananas are good, and apples. But that powdery stuff that goes in my coffee. Ahhhhh. Yes. That. Or an epic cookie from my favorite bakery. I’m drooling. There is a certain point when a light sugar buzz transforms into crazed overthinking. I don’t know where that invisible line is, but I’m absolutely sure it’s full of runaway thoughts.
  3. Isn’t that the point of this blog? When you’re tense, it seems logical to think about what’s bugging you. Like the neighbor’s lawnmower at nine PM - you start telling them off in your head. Or the conversation that bothered you – rehashing how you felt. Doesn’t help a bit.
  4. This is a killer. Literally. When reading my old journals, I saw repeated attempts to kick the habit. Smoking relaxed me, and made me hyper at the same time. What a combination of chemicals! BTW – there is not an ounce of judgment in my words. Been there, quit many times, started again, and hate to be around “know it all’s” who shame others. With all my heart, I hope you are able to overcome this stressful habit/love affair if it’s got you in it’s clutches.
  5. Talking about it. This is a fine line. Long periods of time alone can be good if you’re stressed. But, when someone comes in or calls and you blow up everything, it can make it worse. If they’re the type who will be calm and listen well, good deal. If they are easily freaked out and try to fix everything or lay down a ton of advice …… more stress is bound to come.

Stress is never good for you. While you’re dealing with the effects of hep C, try to avoid things that create high anxiety. Large amounts of caffeine and sugar are not good for your liver, and neither is smoking. Overthinking or talking to the wrong people can lead to increase in your stress levels. Try and sidestep these troublemakers to help you chill out.

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