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10 Ways to Make Your Day Great.

10 Ways to Make Your Day Great

Waking up and facing the day is not always easy, especially when you’re sick and tired with hepatitis C and liver disease. But if you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. I sat in the chair for a loooong time this morning. My bones were achy. My neck was stiff. My tummy was ucky. I started to feel a little whiney. Then I started making a list. Here are 10 ways to make your day great.

Stand up straight – Tuck your shoulder pads into your back pants pocket. You will move with confidence and grace. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly.

Do a Sun Salutation – Raising your hands up over your head, look up and inhale. Wave your hands out and down. Fold over and reach for your your toes while exhaling. Slowly roll up and square your shoulders.

Make a paper airplane – Fold a piece of paper in half. Turn back the top corners at a 45 degree angle. Fold the remaining section down to make the tail fan out. Point it high and let it fly. Do it again and again.

Drink 8 oz of water – Fresh and clean water helps your body in so many ways. You can’t help but feel the benefits when you drink a glass.

Sing a song – Whether it is a rock anthem or a lullaby, a song increases your joy level. Yeah, and go ahead and sing it out loud. If it’s a country song, sing it with a twang. Put your heart into it. Get out that air guitar.

Trade smiles – Don’t tell anyone. Just flash smile at the next person you see. Keep smiling till you get a smile back.

Give a hug – Lean in while raising your hards to should level. Wrap both arms around someone’s shoulder blades. Make a squeezing motion while thinking warm thoughts about them.

Do some chair yoga – Lift your feet until they are straight ahead. Point your toes away from you and toward you. Do this several times. Rotate your feet in a clockwise motion. Rotate them counter clockwise. Repeat. Now reach toward your feet while arching your back and stretching your fingertips out.

Put funky stuff in your yogurt – For great protein and a satisfying snack, put funky stuff in your yogurt. Try chocolate chips, raisins, chopped nuts, fresh or frozen fruit, or even candy.

Write a thank you letter – Pick something you’re thankful for and write a letter to the person who is responsible. Maybe it’s your mom or dad, the mailman who delivers your medicine, or the nurse who treats you with respect. Just a few lines. Drop it in the mail.

Draw a picture – Get a blank piece of paper. Crayons are preferable, but a pen or pencil will do in a pinch. Draw a tree, bird, and clouds. Draw a house with windows. Make a stick figure of yourself in the picture. Draw a smile on you.

All of these things add up to a party at your house! If you get finished with this list, your day will be going great. Remember, YOU have the power to make it a good day.

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