Hepatitis C Resources

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Receiving a diagnosis of hepatitis C can be scary and hard to handle. You are not alone in worrying about the diagnosis. For many, a lot of questions will arise:

Common concerns

Worried about the cost of treatment? Many pharmaceutical companies have financial assistance programs available.

Looking for clinical trials?The National Institute of Health provides a website where you can search for available studies or find results from recent studies.

Want to find out if you quality for disability or government assistance?There's a site available to help guide you.

Want to talk to someone who understands?Help-4-Hep provides a free, peer-to-peer toll-free helpline. (For those in British Columbia, you can contact Help-4-Hep BC.)

Pharmaceutical company-sponsored programs

Support resources

Still have questions or concerns about hepatitis C? Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to common questions, as well as statistics about hepatitis C.

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