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Hepatitis C: What I Wish Others Knew

Hepatitis C: What I Wish Others Knew

Although there is a cure available for hepatitis C, a diagnosis of hep C is still a major challenge medically, physically, and emotionally. Many people do not realize the wide range of possible symptoms and how they impact people’s lives. These symptoms often linger even after people have been cured of hep C. Respondents of the Hepatitis C In America survey, both those who have been cured and those who have not, told us about their experiences.

2016 Hepatitis C In America Results Infographic

The Hepatitis C In America 2016 survey was conducted online between February and April 2016. Over 400 individuals who have tested positive for hepatitis C infection and have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C infection completed the survey. Respondents were primarily female, in their 50s or 60s; 143 were considered “Cured” and 264 were considered “Not Cured”.


  • Barb
    3 years ago

    Hi, Ishortly, get the Harvoni treatment. It’s not bad. I had borderline cirrhosis before the treatment with a fibroscan that was an F4. A year after being cured my liver is almost completely healed. I just had another fibroscan last month and its down to a F0-F1. My provider signed me up with financial help through Gilead the maker of Harvoni.

    But now I am having financial problems. Not because of the treatment. I always did. I also have major depression. I’ve been pretty upset about running out of money and I am not able to make much.

    So is it true even after being cured to have the same symptoms with depression and fatigue? I still do but mine could all be mental. My memory is terrible, too.

    But this could all be from my financial troubles.

  • CaseyH moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Barb!

    I’m so glad to hear that Harvoni worked so well for you and you’re experience such wonderful improvements! Yay!!! However, I’m so sorry to hear you’re still struggling with depression and fatigue. Although we can’t give out specific medical advice online (for your safety!), we do recommend bringing any residual symptoms like this to your provider as soon as possible. Especially if they’re strong enough to impact your daily life. If you do get a chance to talk to your provider, let us know what they say! We’re here for you and wishing you relief soon! -Casey, Team

  • Nancypet67
    3 years ago

    I am currently on treatment, and I am doing great so far. No serious side affects, Yet. I am feeling better already and I’m in the last week of my first month. I have 2 more months to go, and I’m finished. My energy level has gone up, which was my biggest complaint (no energy, always tired, fatigued. My muscles still ache as well as my joints…but my gratitude is thru the roof, thinking always about how very blessed I am to have been approved, and sponsored for this very expensive medication, I realize others are not so lucky, so I intend to be pro-active when I am finished with this treatment…by helping others less fortunate, to also receive the drugs to treat this virus. We all deserve to live, Rich or poor, and these meds are way too expensive,and make it impossible for us all to receive. Let’s try our best to change that….
    I am feeling really positive, and I believe you will too. Don’t pass up the opportunity (Blessing) to get well and actually be cured, HepC is a long, suffering that no one should have to go thru, if there is meds to help us live!!! GO FOR IT..ITS WORTH IT. HAVE FAITH… JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BLOODWORK FIRST, CHECKING TO MAKE SURE YOU DONT HAVE HEPA or HepB, as well as an EKG, checking your heart strength. Very important, which no one told me to do. Praying

  • lshorty
    3 years ago

    Treatment or no treatment?? I am unsure. I have heard it kills you faster with treatment and that if it doesn’t you feel worse than you did before treatment! 🙁 Anyone been on treatment and been cured for a while without troubles from treatment? Would sure love to hear from you. I will be 62 in May and scared!

  • Cas
    3 years ago

    Ishorty I did Harvoni the beginning of last year. For the most part it was 12 weeks of being tired. I had a few hours of having energy a day and scheduled everything for my energy time. I have other issues too so I am careful to check side effects. I have arthritis and alot of spine problems. PTSD and anxiety. I take a low dose anti-inflammatory and thats all. My only lasting side effect is anemia. I suggest doing the Harvoni so your liver has a chance to heal. As I said my mental state isnt top notch. I am still trying to get used to the fact that I’m not dying…so I am throwing all that energy into eating better and living healthier. My grandkids and daughter ganged up on me and said they didnt want to lose me so I fought hard to get approval. The best thing I did was contacting my Senator and he fought for me too. I am 49 yrs old and my end date is extended. I just started attending college and have a 4.0 GPA. I am guessing anything is possible…good luck to you and if ya need any advice or just to talk Im around.

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