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What best describes your hepatitis C treatment history?

Share your hepatitis C treatment history with community members below.

  1. Since I was diagnosed in1991, my first experience was mono therapy with Interferon. The side effects were terrible. As time went on I tried every interferon that was approved, to no avail. Then we added ribavirin. Along with the fatigue, muscle and joint pain, came a very short temper which is common with ribavirin. Us patients called it riba rage. After years of trying to get rid of hep C, I entered a trial with a new direct acting anti-viral. Viola, it worked and after 40+ years with hepatitis C, it is gone.

    1. I was diagnosed in the fall of 2014, only Harvoni was FDA approved at that point & only by a couple weeks when diagnosed, but the doctor I had did not have my interests at heart.. in fact I was straight up told not to call their office whatsoever anymore & I got fed up & asked my main doctor who is also my mental health doctor as well after I got him appointed to be my mental health doctor during this same exact time period to please send me to someone else & he did. It changed my life. My new hep c doctor was amazing & had all my interests at heart & heard me out on my ideas or questions. I was put in contact with AbbVies patient assistance program after Gilead refused to help me in any way in early 2015. Within less than 24hrs I got a call from AbbVie & everything went rapid fire from there. By summer 2015 my insurance & governor at the time tried stopping AbbVie from helping me.. it turned into a very brutal war & something I had never experienced in my life before.. I was early 20s with a son barely 2yrs old & I was desperate. My hep c doctor, the whole hospital where my hep c doctor was, & AbbVie joined me in the fight against the state which wasn't easy, it took a toll on me as the state was forcing me to do things AbbVie flat out told them as me being a witness how they were being inhumane & torturing me for no good medical reasons.. but I did everything they asked anyways & by the end of summer, beginning of fall I finally woke up to a call from both AbbVie & my hep c doctor that we won that I'd be receiving Viekira Pak immediately. I started treatment & did 12 weeks with ribavirin. I was cured, & continued to show I was cured at the 6mon & year mark. I was tested again last year & still cured. I will forever be grateful for everything everyone involved in supporting my fight for a cure did for me & becoming one of the firsts in my state to go against my state & win. I was told I helped open the doors to a lot of others in my region of my state start receiving the cure shortly after me.

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