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Spotlight: Diagnosis

How were you diagnosed with hep C? Share here.

  1. I had quit drinking alcahol , I was physically addicted to it , I had been feeling I'll for some time. After quitting I began to feel really good but then suddenly just felt horrible again. My doctor ran tests and found that I had Hepc!
    It was a long battle from there on in before I could finally get treatment. I thank God every day for the people he put me in touch with in order to get well. I also thank God for the almost 5 years of sobriety now!
    I failed my first treatment , my fault but if my doctor would have prescribed something to help with my anxiety I would have made it.
    The second time I did fine with Sovaldi and Harvonie and this doctor prescribed Xanax and flexiril for the spasms. I took physical therapy too and that really helped my pain situation alot! Thanks Baylor and Fort Worth Liver Specialties.

    1. I was stuck at work with an infected needle in 1980. It was diagnosed as non-A, non-B hepatitis. Hep C had not been isolated at that time. I found out it was Hep C in 2000. By 2010 I was having yearly liver biopsies which repeatedly showed Stage 1 liver disease. When Harvoni came out in 2014 at the tune of $150,000.00 with no insurance coverage, that left me out. Now, with all the new alternatives in medication coming forward, Harvoni had to come down in price. Insurance companies have also been forced to cover more people with this disease and offer more financial aid.
      I am now at Stage 3 fibrotic liver disease; with Stage 4 being cirrhosis; and Stage 5 liver cancer. The doctor says if this works I could live 15 more years and if it doesn’t work, much less. I hope more people will get early treatment to get it out of their systems. Good wishes to all who are in this battle.

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