Daryl Luster

”HepatitisAs a person who has lived with hepatitis c, it is my hope that through my efforts I can educate and inform. As a hidden illness -until the disease is more advanced, people are far too often isolated. This impacts quality of life in tragic ways for some. People are frequently marginalized by their hepatitis c diagnosis, and this is something I have experienced first-hand. Through education and more awareness it is my belief that we can affect change; working together with people from the affected community, and organizations, to include scientists and medical professionals we can significantly improve the lives of people living with hep c. In my work as a peer navigator I am in contact with people living with or at risk, on a daily basis. The questions, comments, and stories I hear are what guide my own vision of a better future for our community.

As an advocate it is my goal to affect change through cooperation and education, to ensure a better pathway to care, which includes the entire continuum from screening to treatment and beyond.

Daryl Luster
Pacific Hepatitis C Network

Exec. Action Hepatitis Canada
Peer Navigator/Counsellor

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