Connie Welch


Certified Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Hep C Patient Advocate, Founder Life Beyond Hepatitis C, Christ Follower, Mom and Wife to Mr. Fix-It. Hepatitis C lived with Connie for 20 years, experiencing 3 treatments during that time and receiving the cure. Her passion is to help and encourage others in their journey, and receive hope for a new life beyond Hep C. Connie states, “Hep C does not define who we are, nor does any condition or circumstance. Life Beyond Hep C begins with a fighting spirit, proactive lifestyle, attitude, faith, and moving forward with medical treatment. Hepatitis C lives with me, I don’t live with it.” Since my last treatment, I can joyfully say, “Hep C no longer lives with me.” Connie actively works in the Hep C community and writes for several websites along with helping others as a certified life coach. Her award-winning website, Life Beyond Hepatitis C is where faith, medical resources, and patient support meet, helping Hepatitis C patients and their families navigate through the entire journey of Hep C. Connie, a native Texan shares life with her husband, two awesome dogs and a herd of Sicilian miniature donkeys.

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