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It’s Time! Getting Treatment for Hepatitis C

In my role as a peer navigator and support worker, I am hearing from more and more people who were diagnosed with hep C many years ago. For some people, the diagnosis was as long as 20 years back. For the most part, many of these people have never treated their hep C, with any treatment at all. Some tried older treatments years ago, and either it failed, or they were unable to complete treatment because of the rough side effects common to some older treatments. Some people have heard about the newer treatment options and how effective and easy they are. Who wouldn’t go for that? So, if you have been diagnosed with hep C, my feeling is that it’s time!

Tested, but not treated…

Sadly, many remain tested but untreated for a variety of reasons, but that is another battle we need to address. In general, these are people who would be considered baby boomers as far as an age- group goes, but not all. They may be experiencing symptoms now or have in their past, and in some cases, they have more worsening general health. Chances are they have not had a fibro scan, and if there have been any considerations of liver condition, it was a biopsy or ultrasound years ago.

What tests are ordered is different in different clinical settings, with some suggesting more complete evaluation, if your payer/insurance will cover, while others do the minimum. What is needed is up for debate, despite the recommendations by the experts in the field.

Re-focusing on your hep C

You may have read already about all the tests and be well informed about in the way things should unfold, and that is a good thing. If you were diagnosed years ago, you may be engaging in care for your hep C after a long period with minimal testing of your condition. Some of you may have been engaged in more robust care, but either way, you will need some more recent results before starting treatment.

It is normal to have some level of concern, and how much or how little is as different as we all are, but hopefully you are not feeling overly anxious. I am not suggesting it is time for you to take the leap into treatment, as always it is your decision to make and I respect your right to choose. However, that doesn’t mean I support not treating, and I was lucky to now be cured for many years. Getting cured undoubtably saved me a lot of liver damage and other health problems from living with hep C another 9 years.

Getting started

Chances are that if you are reading this, you have either treated already or are looking at making a step closer to doing this. Thinking about treatment is an important move towards a life free of hep C, and living free of hep c is a positive thing.

So, it’s time!

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