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What Is My Life Expectancy with Hepatitis C?

After getting the diagnosis, it seems like a lot of people ask the same questions. Some want to know the long term effects of the virus. Others already have liver disease from living with hep C. Whether you just found out or you have had hep C for years, you still want an answer: “What is my life expectancy with hepatitis C?”. While no one can give you a solid date, these factors can all affect your future health with treatment and beyond.

Some of the factors that affect life expectancy with hep C include…


If you get rid of the virus, your life expectancy goes up. The virus breeds in your liver, and affects your whole body. When it is gone, inflammation goes down and you can begin to heal. For most, the treatment is short, side effects are few, and it is widely available today.

Stage of liver disease

Depending on how long you’ve had the virus, there may be some damage to your liver. While advanced disease has complications, I’ve heard many stories of liver damage reversing after the virus is gone.

Lifestyle changes

By simply reducing sugars and unhealthy fats, your liver has less of a burden. You may not do a complete diet makeover. Just begin to pay attention to how you treat food cravings. Even slight changes can bring improvement to your health.

Other medical conditions

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problems, they need to be treated by a doctor. After you’ve cleared the virus, you will be able to focus on managing the symptoms and getting good treatment for other issues. If you experience nerve, bone, or joint pain, it can affect your activity level.

Activity level

If you’ve had a lot of fatigue and pain, your whole body may be out of shape. In addition, you may feel too tired or weak with hep C. Again, getting the cure helps you have more energy. You can begin to slowly increase your activity level. The less you move, the weaker you become. Your doctor can help you set physical goals for more movement.


My liver caved hard and fast. Many people don’t experience all the bleeding varices, jaundice, and liver cancer like I did. My doctor told me that I simply had a gene that made for a weaker liver. My body endured every harsh symptom, yet I’m still alive today.

Everyone is different!

Keep your chin up. By taking notice of your health, you can choose to work with your doctor, and also make adjustments where they are needed. I’ve proven that with good medical care and lifestyle changes, even my poor genetics couldn’t kill me with liver disease from hep C.

Even if you’ve had hep C for years, it’s still possible to improve the quality and length of your years. If you have little or no liver damage, getting the cure can help you live life like you never had hep C. Either way, make the most of each day by making healthy choices. One doctor believed that I would not live for 6 months. That was almost 10 years ago. I’m thankful to be hep C free.

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